Friday, November 2, 2007

Oh, baby!

Is it just me, or does that baby over there to the left look HUGE today??!!! I am feeling movement more frequently, so that is really comforting. I only have 19 days to go until I find out if it's a boy or a girl!!! I am so excited!!! Alex is going to come with us when we find out. She is really excited for "her baby" to get here as well :)
They have this whole organized pregnancy planner that your supposed to go by. It states that you should start working on the nursery at 28 weeks. Well, I'm in my 18th week right now and I can't even imagine starting to work on the nursery in 10 more weeks!
I'm going to St. Louis, MO November 12-15, then Thanksgiving, then Alex's birthday, Christmas, New Years, going to Seattle Jan exactly am I supposed to work on the nursery again? I hope all of these things keep me so busy that this pregnancy just flies by! I can't wait to meet this baby!
Eddie and I are taking Nov. 26th off to register at Babies R Us and Target. Of course, Alex will be coming with us as well. She's pretty much got everything picked out already!
It's so funny-not so much "ha ha funny"- but I digress...It's funny how different this pregancy is from my last one with Alex. When I was pregnant with her, I was abandoned by her father, shunned and looked down upon by several people in my community, talked about and I felt like I had to be ashamed by my pregnancy. I never had the opportunity to have a nursery and decorate it. It was just a very hard time for me personally and as I compare that pregnancy with this one, well, there is no comparison really. I have a wonderful husband who spoils me rotten and drives to the store at 11pm and buys me whatever I'm craving. I have a best friend in my daughter who I can talk to about anything and even if she doesn't understand, she pretends to. I have a house with a bedroom that will be the nursery for this baby. And I have a church that I love and truly feel a part of.
Oh, also, for your viewing pleasure, I have attached two pictures of my grand-nephews. I guess that what you call them. My niece Sara and my nephew Keith each have a baby. And the last one....well...I just thought it was funny. It was on Perez Hilton's website. Random. I know.
The first one is Sara and her baby, Schuyler on his first birthday. The one below that is Keith's baby, Caleb.
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Dolly said...

Hey Toni! I'm here in Seattle for another Festival and had time to check out some blogs today. I'm so happy that you are enjoying this pregnancy and get to experience it full throttle. (I thought that was a clever way to say it):) I'm glad you're feeling the baby move, etc. That's got to be the coolest feeling. I can't wait to find out what you're having! Have a great weekend