Thursday, October 25, 2007

A weekend alone!

Well, this weekend Alex is going camping, so our house will be quiet and sad. I always get so depressed when Alex goes to someone's house to sleep over or when she goes to Grandma's or goes camping :( Most parents get excited when their kids go away so that they can do "grown up things". I never have ever felt that way, though. I just get so depressed! She is my best friend and we do everything together. Ugh....I guess this will give Eddie and I a chance to go see a rated "R" movie or something. Maybe we will go to that Ben and Jerry's Rebecca was talking about!
I am on the drama team at church and I just recently found out that one of our drama video's won a competition! You have to understand the story behind it, though. We did this video at the Capitol One building and there was a huge thunderstorm and the electricity went out. It was soooo hot and I was just feeling horrible because I had just found out I was pregnant (of course I hadn't told anyone at this point). It ended up taking two days to get the idea. We thought it would be a disaster. Well, I guess it ended up turning out out pretty good!
Here is the link to view the video...Enjoy!

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