Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

This week is going to be crazy. My in-laws are coming down, which is always fun because of their reaction to Aron! Eddie's work is having a HUGE picnic this Thursday, so we are all going to that and I am very excited! I love dressing my kids up in red, white and blue (as you can tell from the pictures of Aron below!)
This past Friday, I took Alex to the pool. I remember the days when "High Dives" were actually high! The high dives they have now are only like 8 feet off of the water. Oh, well. It really didn't matter, though, because we had so much fun anyways! Alex even dived off of it, which was more than I could do! Wow, I am getting old!

I also got Aron's 3 month old pictures done! I usually go to Portrait Innovations, but lately they have done a "so-so" job and were very rushed. So, I decided to go to JCPenney and I LOVE it! It's soooo much better than Portrait Innovations! I'm not stuck with like 150 pictures of the same pose and it's only $3.99 per sheet (any picture/pose) with no sitting fee! You just have to print off the coupon on their website! What a steal!
LOVE this one!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Two posts in one day? This is crazy!

I know. Two posts, one day. Do I NOT have anything better to do? Well, I had to post this before I forget. For those of you that went to LCA, you might remember Mrs. Zappulla, our 10th grade English Teacher. Well, she found me on and told me that she wrote a short story about me and it was actually published in a magazine! It's kind of long, but funny nonetheless and it totally took me back to the good ole high school days. It's funny how much of an impact one person can make on another person. I remember being such a hellion (sp?). I remember making Mrs. Lovett in Home Ec.cry everyday (although in my defense, it wasn't that hard to do). I also remembering torturing the Home Ec. teacher before her.."Meany Matheeny". I also remember recording over the Homework hotline for Mrs. Bryant's (the librarian) hotline and using my best old lady impersonation voice to record my own version of her. "This is Mrs. Bryant in the library. I think I just wet myself. Good thing I have on Depends- don't forget to turn in your books boys and girls"! I still can't believe I did that! Why did the Librarian get her own number for the homework hotline anyways? No one has "Library Homework!"
So, anyway, here is the story that Mrs. Zappulla wrote about me. Sorry it's small, but I wasn't about to type out the whole thing:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Oh, what a week!

Well, Alex has been in the 'burg all week so she could go to TRBC's Vacation Bible School. Apparently, they go all out there. She just loves it! Also, while she was there, she went to the LCA cheerleading camp. As I have stated in a previous post, my daughter is NOT a cheerleader, but it kept her busy during the day. I can't wait to see pictures of her there. I'll be sure to post those!
So, we are going to pick her up tomorrow. It's been too quiet around the house this week and although I LOVE spending 100% of my time with Aron, I miss my Alex :(
Aron is now laughing and talking gibberish. It's really cute! He is such a happy baby! I'm so blessed :)
BTW, do you know what tomorrow is? That's right kids! IT's National Flip Flop Day at Tropical Smoothie Cafe!!! BE one of the first 500 customers in the door wearing flip flops and claim your FREE smoothie!
Well, I'm back to the gym hard core now. I took a Zumba class yesterday. It's one hour of pure unadulterated cardio! No breaks! I was soaking wet with sweat when it was all over. I think I'm addicted to it, though! It's so fun!
Today I reorganized Alex's closet. I also gave the dog a bath. For a labradore, he sure does hate water! It's such a disaster every time I give him a bath. He is terrified of water!
Well, next week is basically a week of appointments. Aron has his first "play date" on Tuesday with my friend Missy, who had her baby boy about 6 weeks ago.
Aron also gets his 3 month pictures next week, too!
We are taking Alex to the pool on Friday, so it will be a fun week and I'm looking forward to it!
HEre is a picture of my little guy after his bath! I LOVE freshly bathed babies!!! His hair was wet, so I put a little hat on him :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure.....

Well, now that all of the good shows are off the air for the summertime, I have found myself completely intrigued with "So You Think You Can Dance"! Some of the dances are really cool and some of them are...well...weird. Last night they had some guy on there dancing around and sticking his head out like a bird. That was really strange. But, entertaining nonetheless!
Also, I watched that show, Celebrity Circus. Again, weird. There is one judge on there who is gay and proud of it and feels that he needs to remind us he is gay everytime he judges a male performance. He's like "I'm not busy next week, so call me!" and "I'd like to thank your momma for making you- you are hot!". How is that judging someone again??! Then, there is this weird female judge, who apparently has been doing the trapeze for 20-some years and she felt the need to stretch her leg high above her head to show off that she can do a "split".
It was all kind of like being in the twilight zone, honestly.
To bring me back to reality, Alex made me one proud mommy yesterday! Her softball team was ranked number 7 out of 8 teams (it's the first year all the girls on her team have played softball). Most of the other teams have played for a while and been together a long time. Well, they somehow made the playoffs and beat out the number 1 team last night and are now in the big championship game on Sunday! It's such a rush seeing these girls play! Alex is starting to get really competitive now, too. She hit a "grounder" instead of a "triple" yesterday and got out and started crying because she was mad at herself :( I had to remind her this was her first year playing and it's all about having fun!
The latest news on my little boy - HE SLEPT 7 HOURS STRAIGHT LAST NIGHT!!! For that, I am posting the cutest picture ever!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Oh my gosh! I HAVE to blog about my experience with a new Dorito flavor that Frito Lay is trying to pitch. They don't list the flavor on the bag as they want you to "guess" the flavor. I saw these chips in the store and of course, I love a good tasting challenge, so I got suckered into buying them for $2.50. Eddie, Alex and I were all trying to guess what flavor they would be prior to opening the bag. ", it will be, it will be hamburger..." we had ALL kinds of guesses before tasting it.
Finally, we get home, unpack all groceries and sit around the kitchen table with our Dorito Quest chips. We open it and all three take a chip each and take a bite of our chip all at the same time. Then we look at each other and eyes start to water and we all have the "worried" face. We all then proceed to spit out our chip!
The only way to describe this new flavor is "I had key lime pie about an hour ago and I just threw it up".
Yours truly is just waiting for 9am central standard time when the Frito Lay office opens and give them a piece of my mind! This is by far the most disgusting thing I have EVER tasted! I will be making a trip back to Kroger to return this bag of poison today as well.
I wasn't sure if I was the only one who thought this, so I "googled" it. Apparently, the new flavor is supposed to be Mountain Dew. That is even LESS appealing than "I had key lime pie about an hour ago and I just threw it up" flavor.
Here is a picture of the NASTY in all it's glory: