Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cheers for my first post!!!

Ok, so this is my first post, so I'm probably going to ramble a little bit! Sommer talked me into doing this, so if you don't like it, don't read it!!! I apologize in advance if I offend, as I oftentimes do so unintentionally.
Well, let's see, I'm married to a crazy Puerto Rican name Heriberto Rivera. Who goes by "Eddie"-way easier to say. We have been married for 7 years. I also have a beautiful daughter who is 9 years old, named Alexandra. For those of you that knew me when I was just a wee child, she is pretty much a carbon copy of that. She has my personality, sense of humor and everything! She enjoys volleyball, soccer, swimming, girlscouts, taunting her teacher and much, much more!
Speaking of "teacher", I went to open house at school today, by myself. Daycares are closed this week, so Alex is at my parents house in Lynchburg. That was fun. Picture me in my suit walking through school with Alex's "roly" backpack, sans kid. Um....yea....that wasn't awkward at all. Can we say "One of these things is not like the other"? Mind you that Alex goes to one of the "yuppy" type schools here in Richmond. You constantly hear things like "Helllllloooo Patricia....nice summer?....Felix bought me the most faaaaaaabulous Benz over the summer" and "I'm sooooo glad the summer is over, I will have sooooooo much more time to spend at the spa". It's great, really. I love it.
So, anyhow, the Open House was from 11am-12. I got there at 11:30 (your just supposed to drop in anytime). After I was done unloading the school supplies, I met the teacher, who seemed pretty nice. (they all do, until that 2nd week of school) Then, I went over to the volunteer sign up table. I decided to be nosey and see who signed up to be room parent (I'm way to busy for such a task, but I applaud the moms that can do it). Well, evidently becoming a room parent is a highly desired position to have. There were 6 moms that signed up to be room parents. The teacher had a space for 2 people and that's it. Well, evidently, these moms didn't care. In fact, mom #3 on the list drew an arrow to the top of the list and wrote down "I was here at 11am". I guess that makes her special. Are room parents on a first come, first serve basis? I'm sure the teacher is thrilled to have so many moms interested in the position, but you just know they are all going to go "psycho".
I am pretty excited about this weekend. We are going to the Jersey Shore. I know what your thinking ... "classy". But really, Eddie's family lives in New Jersey, so we are going up there to visit them. Eddie has claimed for many years that on the Jersey Shore they serve up a slice of pizza that is bigger than my steering wheel for $2. I have never believed him, so here is his chance to prove himself. Because you know, for me, it's all about food!
We get back on Monday, Alex starts 4th grade on Tuesday, then I'm off to Phoenix, Arizona for work. I'll be there until that Sunday. Then, I'm going to take that Monday off and hang out with the psycho moms at the spa! Just kidding....I'm going to get a spa treatment at my hotel....because gosh darnit...I deserve it! I'm staying at the Arizona Biltmore and I'm just way too excited about it! I've made a lot of friends through my job and this particular tradeshow is my favorite one!
Speaking of my job...I'm a sales manager for the Richmond Convention and Visitors Bureau. Basically, my job is to put heads in beds. I work with large conventions, conferences and sporting events and bring them here to the Richmond Region. My favorite market is AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). I am bringing the 2008 National Baseball Championships here to Richmond and hopefully this October, I'll win the bid to bring the 2009 National Girls Basketball Championships here! It's a great job, I'm just away from my home quite a bit. Good thing I've got a crazy Puerto Rican at home to take care of Alex :)
Well, it's about 4:30, so I think I'll do about 5 minutes of real work, then just stare at the computer and act like I'm doing something important. You know the deal....the nod....the "concerning" eyes, pressing my lips I'm researching something...

How do you end a it just "bye"..."'til tomorrow"..."later"...say nothing at all.....?