Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The "Mom" Cut

I broke down and did it. I got all of my hair chopped off today. It's not styled the way I want it, but it's the cut I was looking for. I'm not a fan of the "mushroom" hair, so I'm looking forward to fixing it my way tomorrow. And no, that's not a bra I'm wairing in the 2nd picture, it's a nursing tank top!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bathtime is SO much fun! (sarcastic)

I'm a little slow getting these up. Aron had his first bath last week. I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

Don't you love my "sensorship" work!!!??


Look how "poofy" his hair was afterwards!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm boring

I never made it to the yard sale on Saturday and I'm still in mourning! Aron was up every 30 MINUTES on Friday night into Saturday morning!!! He made up for it last night though because he slept for 4 hours straight! I'm sure that means he'll be up every thirty minutes again tonight, though.
On a brighter note, how much am I saving by not having to drive to work everyday in my suv??!! Gas is over 3.50 for the lowest grade possible! My commute to/from work everyday is about 45 mins. each way!
Also, today Aron had his 2 week check up and he now weighs in at a whopping 8 lbs. 12 oz.!!! What a big boy :) His jaundice is all gone and everything is looking great with him! Hooray!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hittin' the yard sale tomorrow!

I am so excited! Tomorrow my church is having a MOPS (Mother of pre-schoolers) yard sale! I'm going to get there RIGHT at 8am when it opens! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about just getting out of the house or more excited about the possibility of a good deal! Also, tomorrow will be our first "outing" to the mall. My parents are coming into town, so I'm really excited about that, too.
This first week home wasn't so bad. Eddie WAS home with me the first half of each day, though. Aron slept like a champ last night, so I was really happy about that.
Anyhow, I'm sure I'll have a much more interesting post after tomorrow :)
Enjoy some pictures :)
We bought an automoatic bubble blower and he just stared and stared at them!
More of my favorite "worried" face!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Got Diapers?

Wow, this kid can go through some diapers! And outfits, too!
Everything is going really well for us. Eddie started back at work today part time and will go back next week full-time. I'm so scared! So far today, it's been pretty easy, though. Alex gets home around 2:30, which is a whole other challenge altogether (homework, after school jitters....etc.)
We took Aron to the doctor today for a weight check and last week he was 7 lbs. 8 oz. and today he was 8 lbs. 2 oz. Almost back to birth weight!
Alex is obsessed with my breast pump. She insisted on "trying it on" last night. Well, I guess she knows they are not just "for looks", now. She knows they actually serve a purpose!
Well, sorry my posts are so short, but I hardly have time to even log on anymore! I miss the internet!!! I'm having withdrawals!!!!
Here is a cute little picture of Aron making his "worried" face.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cabin Fever!

I've been locked up in this house now for one week and I only have one more week to go! Yay!
I can't wait until the weather gets a little warmer so that I can take my KIDS to the mall and just walk around! There is a dress at Old Navy that I'm dying to buy, but they don't have it online, so I have to go to the mall to get it. What an incentive to lose weight!
Well, my little man is doing better. Last night he slept for 3 hours straight! But wait...it gets better....after his 3am feeding, he then slept for 4 hours straight! I'm such a happy mommy today!
Here are a couple of pictures that just make me melt. I love this little guy so much! Alex is such a good sister, too. I can't tell you how much she loves cleaning his belly button, which doesn't look like it's falling off anytime soon!
Eddie is obsessed with trying to figure out why diapers leak.
Anyhow, enjoy the pics!


He loves riding in the car!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What a good boy!

Well, Aron is such a good boy so far! knock on wood!
Alex is starting to act kind of weird, though. She won't come out and say anything, but I feel her getting a little jealous. I don't blame her, though. Eddie and I are just BEAT! Normally, we hang out at night and in the morning before school. It's just so hectic now! Alex has been late to school every day this week! They finally sent a note home today about it. Oh, well!
Aron has some jaundice, so his eyes are a little yellow:(
I'm doing ok. Breastfeeding is hard work and my c-section is pretty painful. Not nearly as bad as the first time, but still painful. I only take the "meds" at night, so that I can use them during the day, when i'm up and about.
I have so many pictures and videos I want to post, but I'm not sure the limit on this blog. So, here goes....
Here is a cute little video I emailed the grandparents and aunts....
Here is the happy big sister!
Here is the precious boy...
He LOVES this little swing!
OK. I have to explain these. Alex's FABULOUS teacher had all the kids in Alex's class make a page for a memory book. There are over 27 pages, so I just picked out a few of my fave's.
Here is the cover, by Alex:
The page by the teacher:
"God is in you"- So, is that God in the robot's groin??
4th grade people!!! Very deep for a 10 year old!
Are they throwing my baby off a cliff?
I think somebody has ADD:
Just to clarify, I LOVE this book! This is my favorite gift I have ever received. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful teacher for Alex!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First night home.....no sleep

Just a quick update here...
I am glad we are home, HOWEVER, we got NO sleep! It's not because Aron is cranky or anything, but we are just SO paranoid! Every five minutes Eddie and I keep getting up to check on him! Breastfeeding is coming along very slowly. I am hoping it will get easier! My feet are more swollen now than before if you can imagine that! The pain is slowly getting better. I went all night with no pain killers, knowing I would need them during the day! So far, it's tolerable.
Here is my favorite pic of Aron so far. I'll be taking tons of pics of him today, so be on the lookout for those in the next couple of days.
He is such a good baby and so beautiful. I was so worried that I wouldn't have enough love to share among two kids, but I have SO much that it's crazy!
Oh, also, this is so cute and made me cry so many tears of joy....
Each student in Alex's class made a "page" welcoming Aron to the world. On each child's "page", they wrote something positive about Alex and Aron and drew a cute picture. The teacher then bound all the pages and made a book. I'll be taking a picture of some of my favorite pages out of it and posting it for you soon as well.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm so in love!

This isn't going to be a long one because I'm really tired, but here is the short of it.
Aron Heriberto Rivera was born on 4/4/08 at 10:32am. He was 8 pounds and 4 ounces and 19 inches long. He scored a 9.9 out of 10 on his Apgar test. I am doing really well considering I had a c-seciton on Friday. I'm up and walking, so that is good. He is such a champ at breastfeeding! I'm so proud of him! Alex is excited to be a big sister and Eddie and I are just over the moon!
I'll get some more pics on here after I get home tomorrow, but here are 3 to get started. The first one is a pic of his hospital pic. SO PRESH!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

24 Hours!

Oh, I am just nauseous just thinking about it! So many emotions! It's hard to believe that this exact minute tomorrow that they will be performing my C-Section. I just can't wait for it to be over, honestly. The epidural is the freakiest part for me. I'm such a control freak that it's hard for me to put my life in someone else's hands. Even though I know that ultimately, it's all in God's hands, I can't help but be scared. I can't imagine how Ramey (for those of you that know her) must feel!
In fact, for some odd reason, I keep thinking about her constantly! I KNOW I'm going to be thinking about her tomorrow during my C-Section. If she can go through what she is going through, then I know I can do this! She is my inspiration for many reasons :)
Please keep us in your prayers and please pray for a quick recovery and a healthy baby!
I hope to post from the hospital! We'll see! The next time I blog, my little baby will be here :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Final Countdown!

Well I had my final dr. appt. today and it's all confirmed. This Friday, 10am or bust! I am so nervous! It's not like I don't know what to expect, but I think that is the worst part for me. I know EXACTLY what to expect!
I'm really going to miss food! I didn't gain any weight since my last appointment, so I thought that totally called for a Hardees cheeseburger today :) And it was delicious!
i love food
Not to worry though, I am countering it right now by eating an orange!

I'll be back on Weight Watchers starting next week. It's not like it's a horrible thing. I can still eat pretty much whatever I want, just portion controlled. I'll probably be too busy with the baby to eat anyways! I'm so excited! I can't wait to hold him and see what he looks like!

Oh! And before I forget, kudos to my friends Sommer and Rebecca for starting their own business! They are the proud owners of the Kids Party Wagon! It's a one-stop shop for your child's birthday! Check out their website at www.kidspartywagon.com.
If you happen to be a midget or "little person", they just might give you the half-price deal! Ha! Ha! (inside joke!)