Thursday, November 8, 2007

Down with pantyhose!

I'm not really a fan of pantyhose or tights, but now that the cold weather is here, I really have no choice but to wear them. On church on Sunday, I thought I could get away with wearing my regular old tights. Well, on the way to church, I almost passed out, so I ripped my tights at the top (Hulk-style) and the whole time my daughter is just looking at me like I'm crazy. Eddie had already gotten to church early because he does the media stuff. So, here I am driving my car and multitasking the tights and driving. I'm so glad there was not a camera around, although-that would have been a pretty funny picture. So, today on my lunchbreak, I ran to Mimi Maternity and forked out the $10 for maternity tights.
By the way, I am soooooo glad tomorrow is Friday. There's just something about Fridays that I love! They go by so quick, I guess!
I find out what baby Rivera is in exactly 13 more days! I constantly go back and forth between boy/girl. I really don't prefer one over the other, but I try to imagine my family with a boy...then imagine it with another girl. It's really hard to grasp that my small family of 3 that has been going strong for 10 years now is going to be bigger! As Kramer would say "I'm freakin' out,Jerry!!"
Lately, I've been obsessed with this show on the Discovery Channel "Mysteries of the Bible". It's like I can't get enough!!! Do they sell a dvd set??!! I've seen episodes here and there in the past, but now, I'm just REALLY into it! I find myself challenging the scholars that are on that show! Eddie really likes it, too!
Another show that they have is "Pregnancy for Dummies". Yes, it's a show, not a book! Although, they do have the book, but I'm so not investing any money in it.
Since Eddie has never been through this before, I watch it with him and laugh. He asks questions like "Well, that doesn't happen to you....does that mean there is something wrong" and things like that. I laugh because there are so many weird old wives tales out there that people still believe in! The weirdest one they mentioned on the show was "If a pregnant woman sees something horrible or ugly, her baby will be ugly"
Every day Eddie talks into my bellybutton (like it's a microphone) and talks to the baby. It's pretty funny. Now Alex is doing it. When my parents try to do it, THAT'S where I draw the line!!!!!
Anyhow, gotta get, but I'll post more later!!!!

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Rebecca P. said...

The bubble baby is creapin' me out!