Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everybody's Doin' it!

Ok, so apparently I need to post 25 random facts about me! I saw this on Donna and Dolly's blog, so here goes!

1. I have my NASD Series 6 license. I used this licensure for when I used to trade mutual funds for GE Financial.

2. My very first job ever was a lifeguard at Poplar Forest Pool in Forest, VA. I was only 15 and a half at the time!

3. I have never lived in one house for more than 6 years. My parents get tired of houses really quick!

4. I am on the Board of Directors for my daughters school.

5. I am addicted to the Style Network channel. I watch pretty much everything on there. Clean House, Peter Perfect, Dress my Nest, Whose Wedding is it Anyways, How Do I Look, What Not To Wear...you name it, I watch it!

6. We took a family vacation to Hawaii a year and a half ago. It was Alex's first flight ever! What an experience...your first airplane ride is 12 hours long!

7. I went to a Huey Lewis concert (It's Hip To Be Square!) and got to go backstage to meet him! I thought I was soooooo cool!

8. I went to a NASCAR race and got passes to the VIP lounge and hung out with Elliott Yamin. I also got to go down in the 'pit and see some of the drivers and their cars. I don't even like NASCAR, but it was pretty darn cool!

9. I was a cheerleader in high school. A base.

10. I met my husband while we were both working at Wingate Inn in Lynchburg, VA!

11. The only kind of coffee we drink in my house is fresh, local coffee beans we grind ourselves. And when I mean fresh, the beans can't be more than just a couple of days old.

12. Every week I am obsessed with finding out which store has the cheapest diapers on sale. This week it's Food Lion. $7.99 for LUVS and I had a coupon for $1.00 off! One time, Kroger had them (LUVS)on sale for $5.99! I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest!

13. My most favorite job I have ever had was when I worked at The Closet in Lynchburg, VA at River Ridge Mall. That store was the BOMB!

14. I have a birthmark in the shape of a foot on my inner thigh.

15. My dream job is to join the cast of Reno 911. Either that or be on MAD TV.

16. My husband and I are going to retire in Bermuda. We had a our honeymoon there and just felt like we belonged there.

17. I can not have any of my food on my plate touching each other. I also can't eat off of another person's fork or spoon. This includes my family.

18. I failed 4th grade.

19. My parents let me believe in Santa Clause until I was 12 years old.

20. On various occasions, my dad drove me to school in his latest "toy"- one time it was a Monster Truck, one time it was a Limo, one time it was a Lamborghini...etc.

21. I am an excellent swimmer, but I HATE swimming laps!

22. My friend Angela (aka-Crumbs in my Butter) and I used to scare the living crap out of my niece and nephew by pretending to be some crazy person named "Karen".

23. I am only 5 ft. 2 inches tall. :(

24. About 2 years ago I had Lasik eye surgery! Best decision I have ever made!

25. I can not go to sleep at night unless I read first.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!!!!

Whew! Finally! I'm back from the 'burg! Alex went to Camp Hydaway! How awesome is that??! I remember going there as a kid! It was always so much fun. It's changed a lot since then. They have cabins with a/c and a huge slide that goes into the lake. Alex spent the night there all week!
I took some pictures-
This is the hill that I remember walking up and down and up and down as a kid...
the hill

This is a view of the big slide that goes into the lake from the top of the hill..

This is the new pavillion..

This is the field behind the pavillion. We used to play tons of water games there and the building to the left is where we used to eat all of our meals!

This is a close up picture of the slide. This thing is huge!

This is the "beach". The sun was shining right at me, so it's not that clear. But if you look hard enough, you can see the dock in the middle that we used to swim out to and dive off of!
the beach

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No 'chokin!

This weekend Eddie, Alex, Aron and I went to Fresh Market. Normally, we just get some fresh cheese and a few other things that you can't get at normal grocery stores. Well, wow....take a look at these artichokes!
Also, I am a HUGE fan of pancakes, however, they MUST be THIN! I can't stand really thick and "cakey" pancakes. I saw this little gem at Fresh Market and I have to say that I love it so much, I'm thinking about writing a book about it "Swedish pancake mix and me...that sort of thing is my bag, baby"!!!!
To top it all off, my little man has been making the "model" face lately...you know...Zoolander??!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

These pictures were taken at Eddie's work picnic yesterday! It was a ton-o-fun!!!