Friday, May 30, 2008

What a big boy!

Well, here are the pictures I promised! Aron wasn't sure what the Bebe Pod seat was all about. He just kind of sat there and looked uncomfortable! He is starting to laugh now, so that is just so much fun :) I can't believe he is 8 weeks old today! What a big boy!!
Today is crazy. I'm reorganizing rooms, cleaning and Alex has a game at 5:30. Tomorrow morning one of the more affluent neighborhoods here is having a neighborhood-wide yard sale, so I'm all over that!
Oh, and yesterday's PTA Board meeting was something else! Just curious, who serves Mimosa's at a PTA Board meeting? Some of those moms were a HOT MESS! Really, have you EVER had alcohol before? Don't you know how stupid it can make you look?
So, yea...once again, yours truly didn't fit in. Still the youngest parent in the crowd. It's getting a little old. I thought by now some of the kindergarden parents would maybe be around my age, but alas, they are mostly all in their late thirties, early forties. They were all talking about wrinkle cream and how much grey hair they all really have. I tried to chime in, but they just said "oh,'ll have this problem when you get to be our age". Of course, you know I had to make them feel stupid. Is it wrong to lie about getting a little "nip and tuck"?? No...I didn't tell them I was 38 and had some "work done"...but do you know how close I was to saying it??! I just simply told them that I look a lot younger than I might seem. This seemed to intrigue them and they asked how old I was. Although I thought this was a rather rude question, I just came back with mid-thirties. (32 is mid-thirties, right?)
So, long story short, yours truly is now the chair of the Hospitality Committee for my daughters school. Basically, this position entails organizing monthly teacher luncheons, goodie bags for teachers, holidays, special events....etc. It's quite a task, so I hope I do a good job and get a good base of parent volunteers!
Ok, here are the pictures:

Aron LOVES his mobile!

The Bebe Pod:


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Hip Fairy

Today I had to go to the hospital for some follow up appointments and I ran into a friend of mine there. She was waiting for her husband to wake up from his surgery as he was getting a hip replacement.
During prayer tonight, I mentioned it and Alex had the most hilarious response! She asked me if he got to keep his old hip! She was curious if he could possibly put it in "some kind of pillow" and maybe the "Hip Fairy" would come and take it and leave him some money.
Wow. She is definitely her mothers child!!!!
On another note, Aron now weighs in at 13.5 pounds! What a little porker! He is 7 1/2 weeks old, but wears 6-9 month old clothes!
I'm getting batteries for my camera tomorrow and taking some pictures so you can see how big he's gotten! He smiles all the time now, too! :)
Oh, yea, and wish me luck tomorrow. I am on the Board of Directors for the PTA for Alex's school and we have a meeting tomorrow and those moms are all crazy. Literally. It's Wisteria Lane-crazy! I totally don't fit in, but I really don't care. I'll be giving a full report on that tomorrow!
Until then!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A VERY good read!

I've been slacking just a little on my blogging! I guess a new baby and lack of sleep will do that :)
I have to share with you an excellent book! I went to TRBC on Mother's Day and my parents bought me this book by Macel Falwell. It's about Jerry Falwell's life through her eyes. I normally would just say "thanks mom" and then put the book on my bookshelf and save it for when Alex has to do a biography in high school. But, something compelled me to just read a couple of pages. Then, I was hooked! It is SOOOO good! There's so many things about Jerry that I did not know. We all know the media twists stuff around, but it's really interesting seeing how it works from her point of view. She even mentions my friends Dolly and Donna's dad in there a few times! The really sad part is of course the end of the book. She goes into detail about how they found Jerry after he passed. Then, they had all of the Falwell grandchildren write about their "Poppy".
He really was just a great man with a huge heart. If you have some time, READ this book. I could't put it down!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Morning Disaster

This morning was absolutely terrible! Of course, I have to blog about it!
It started when the baby woke up at 6:45am screaming because he was hungry. So, I fed him (which, by the way, he falls asleep when he feeds, so it takes almost 45 minutes to feed him). Eddie got ready for work and woke up Alex. Alex wouldn't get up. Finally, she rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. She was in there for like 20 minutes! What does a 10-year old girl DO in the bathroom for 20 minutes??! So, we both yelled for her to get out of there because I had just realized I forgot to make her lunch. I asked Alex to please make her lunch. She brings me what is left in the bag of cheetos (which is about half the bag) and says that she is going to pack them all for snack. I told her NO WAY...only a few. So, she goes back to the kitchen and prepares her lunch. After she is done, she looked "suspicious" and headed straight for the front door. I inspected her lunch and here is what she packed:
All the Cheetos (Which I told her not to pack)
A Go-Gurt
A fruit cup
A piece of my birthday cake
A Little Debbie snack
A baggie of grape tomatoes
2 Capri Suns

Yea.....there was NO sandwich in there, either! Oooohhhh...I was burning mad! She then got "the spoon" and cried all the way school ( I have no tolerance for disobedience). As she was getting out of the car, she was still crying and the teachers that assist with car-rider circle were looking at her, then looking at me like I was the devil. What a great morning!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Long weekend and some pictures

Wow. That's about all I can say. We took our first road trip with the baby to Lynchburg to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday. I can't believe how much stuff we had to bring. Pack-n-play, bouncy seat, bottles, formula, breast pump, diapers, wipes...well, you get the idea. On Sunday, we all went to TRBC. I should have known it was going to be a disaster when as we pulled in the parking lot, a high speed chase was taking place in the parking lot, which ended with guns drawn and handcuffs! Alex is STILL talking about it today! It was an excellent service and Aron was very well behaved. That is, until the very end when Jonathan Falwell does the good 'ole "altar call" and asks that everyone be as quiet as possible and not to move as people are making life-changing decisions. Of course that is when Aron decides to wake up out of a dead sleep and start screaming with no warning whatsoever! Everyone around me "shook"-like how you do in the scary part of a movie. Can you say EMBARRASSING!!!!????
I quickly whisked him out of there, but not before stepping on peoples toes trying to get out of the aisle and accidentally leaving my diaper bag at my seat. Ugh. Eddie met me out in the lobby and took the baby and I HAD to go BACK IN and "excuse me, pardon me" my way to my seat to get the diaper bag and "I'm sorry" my way outta there. It doesn't help that my parents sit a few rows shy of the front!
We Bee-lined it out of there and went back to my parents house.
For some reason, it took us 3 hours to cook lunch. All we had was pasta and meatballs, for the love!
So, long story short, we made it home last night around 7:30pm, when our plan was to return home around 5pm. Oh, well. It's always great spending Mother's Day with my mom :)
Oh, and here are some pictures from Aron's first professional photo shoot! What a little model!
This is what we used on his birth announcements:



Friday, May 9, 2008

Enough is enough, already!

Well, the Duggar family is at it again! They are pregnant with their 18th child! I just think they are so weird. If you add up all her children, she has been pregnant for 11 years, non-stop! Craziness! I wonder if they do it for all the attention and "free stuff"??
Click here to read the article about it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Funny Faces!

Aron makes the funniest faces! I guess he gets that from his mommy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do you know what today is??

Yep, that's right! The first Saturday in May and that means free Home Depot kids workshop craft!! Today was a flower pencil holder. Alex wanted to take a friend with her, so right at 9am, off we all went to Home Depot! The weather was perfect!

Friday, May 2, 2008

An outing!

We ventured out to Babies R Us today and Sams Club. I'm not used to uncrowded parking lots at stores just yet! I used to only be able to shop during my lunchbreak or after work (when 90% of people go), so to have the freedom to choose my parking spot from the GREAT available ones was fantastic!
Aron just looked so cute that I had to take a picture :) Remember this outfit when I posted it when I was like 3 months pregnant??!! Crazy! It seems like just yesterday when I did that!
After the shopping trip, Aron was tired and fell asleep on daddy!


This JUST in...Mariah Carey (38-years old) got married! Guess to who?? Nick Cannon (27-years old)! This is just so weird for me because when Alex was littler, she would watch the Nickelodeon show ALL THAT and he was on there. He just seems SO much younger than she is! Oh, and the best part...No Pre-Nup!!!
Click here to read the article!! So, I guess they have been dating for weeks now, so that qualifies them for marriage!