Saturday, June 20, 2009

Foot Fetish??!

I think my son has a foot fetish!! Eeeewww!!! He absolutely LOVES tickling people's feet! He could literally sit there for hours and do it and just think it's the greatest thing in the world!
Here is a video of him and his latest obsession-

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love this site!

I love to do arts and crafts, it is just that I have the hardest time coming up with creative and unique ideas! That is why I am addicted to TipJunkie!

Right now, they have gone from a simple blog to a full blown .com website!
They are celebrating their success by offering some great giveaways, so I definitely recommend you check it out!

Click HERE to check it all out!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elementary School----check!

Wow! I can not tell you how fast Elementary school went by! It is so crazy to think that my baby girl is going into Middle School in a just a couple of months! And just think....I'm not even CLOSE to being done! I get to do the whole elementary school adventure all over again in 4 more years!
Aron has been getting so stinkin' big! He is walking and talking--or trying--Ha! ha!--and this kid LOVES books and Little People!
Anyhow, here is a recent video of him trying out his new sandals!

This kid makes the funniest faces I've ever seen! He must be a "Jim Carrey" in the making!

little gorilla

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I have just been busy, busy, busy! My savings blog is just so much fun! I'm so addicted!

On the homefront- I can't believe Aron is 14 months old already!! Where in the world does the time go?! Wasn't I JUST pregnant with him??!
He is walking now. Which is "fun". This is ALL he ever wants to do!!
Well, he also LOVES to snuggle with mommy! I LOVE IT! Alex was never a big snuggler, so I am just eating it up!
He learned how to give kisses, so of course we captured it on camera!

And, here is a picture of my BIG boy! He was fresh out of the bath in this picture (no, I don't just let him run around the house all day in his diaper!)

Also, I mean Alex is preparing for middle school this September!
We have a summer choc-ful-of business! Alex is going to Camp Hydaway for the last year :( She is also going to our church camp and to Girl Scout camp. Very sad. Her last summer as a "kid".

I'll be updating more frequently on here. I've gotten really bad about that lately!