Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last weekend as a family of 3!

I know you are sick of hearing me say this, but I CAN NOT wait until Friday! Who is excited about a major abdominal surgery?? THIS GIRL!!!! Am I crazy or what??! Last night I had same really painful contractions, but they went away. We were kind of freaking out because there is a lot we still need to do to prepare for the coming home of our little baby!
Eddie surprised me with a pedicure yesterday, so that was REALLY nice! I decided to go "BLUE" with my nails in early celebration of Friday:) My nail lady felt sorry for me because my feet are so swollen and gave me extra time on my foot massage!
I'll definitely miss being spoiled by people! This past Friday I went to Panera and ordered a bowl of soup and a pumpkin muffie (their version of a muffin top) and the lady gave me two pumpkin muffie's because I was "eating for two"! Folks, it doesn't get any better than that!
I can't promise I'll be able to blog from my hospital room. I don't even know if I'll be able to get an outside connection. I'll try to teach Eddie how to do this, but he is really unfamiliar with this whole "Blog world". So, you may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. I know my camera doesn't work with the lap top, so pictures will definitely not be posted until Monday or Tuesday. You may be able to see pictures of him at this website. This is where they post your baby's first picture at. They usually get them up there really quickly.
I will do another post or two this week to keep everyone updated!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm NEVER going to have this baby!

I'm totally convinced this baby will be in my belly FOREVER! He is never coming out! I went to the doctor today and unfortunately, they can't get me in any sooner than April 4th. So...who is miserable?! THIS GIRL! I know, I know...."it's only 9 days away". Unfortunately, for me, that is an eternity! The doctor told me today that he is going to be a "good sized baby". I'm not sure what that means.
I pretty much get about 4-5 REAL hours of sleep each night, which I know I should be grateful for now because I will be getting 0-3 hours of sleep each night in the coming weeks. At least I'll have a good reason to get no sleep, then! I wake up all throughout the night with leg cramps, bathroom breaks, Antacid pills, water, nasal congestion...ugh...the list goes on and on! Then, I get to go to work every day and hear over and over "You're still here??" and "Are you sure you're not having twins??" and "Wow-you've dropped!" It's such GOOD TIMES!!!! (sarcastic)
I brought a list of "requests" up to my doctor today about how I want things to go with the C-Section. Since I've been through this before, I know what I want this time 'round. Thank God she is surrendering to all of my requests which include having an iPod on and BLASTING during the C-Section so I dont hear them cutting me open, don't tie down my arms, use stitches-not staples and a lot of other things. I'm so thankful to have such an understanding doctor! Anyone in the Richmond area looking for an awesome OBGYN, Dr. Leigh Lewis at St. Mary's is fabulous! I suppose I will let you know exactly how fabulous she is after the C-Section :)
Well, anyhow, April 4th it is and it just can't get here fast enough!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter :)

This Easter was a lot different that any other Easter. This was the first Easter that we didn't spend in Lynchburg with my parents or have any family come into town. So, it was just the three of us! It was kind of nice, though. There is only one Sunday left for us as just a family of three.
Here in Richmond they have this great park called Maymont. They have a free petting zoo and Easter egg hunt for kids and contests and things like that for Easter. Over 12,000 people were there and we had to park FOREVER away. I was hoping all of that walking would put me in labor, but alas, I am STILL here!
Here is a picture of the chaos as we arrived:
Here is Alex with a lamb:
They had a hula hoop contest and believe it or not, Alex wasn't the oldest one there. She didn't win and was NOT happy about it!
I had to get Alex in her Easter dress:
We made this Easter Bunny cake together. It's so easy and so much fun! We got the recipe from the Betty Crocker website. Just go there and type in "Bunny cake" under the recipe section! We will definitely be making it again next year!

Well, I have OFF tomorrow! Yay!!! I'll be packing my hospital bag tomorrow and puting the final touches on the nursery! Almost here!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

April 4th---maybe sooner??

So, I went to the doctor yesterday and had a very "invasive" appointment. Because of this, I had really painful contractions all day yesterday, to the point where I couldn't even eat my lunch! I know, that's hard to passing up food....but it happened! You KNOW I'm not feeling good if I'm passing on the opportunity to eat!
Anyways, I told the doctor just how MISERABLE I am right now and if there was ANY way she could fit my C-Section in earlier than April 4th. I am JUST THAT uncomfortable. She said she normally wouldn't do that, because she just tells the moms to prop up their feet and take naps throughout the day and take a nice hot shower. Unfortunately, I can't do this when I WORK full time! So, she said that if I am still miserable next Wednesday (which, I promise you, I will be--if not even more so than I am now), she will see if there are any early openings and fit me in!
Yay!!!!! So, fingers crossed :)
This week is my last full week of work, thank God! Next week we are closed on Monday and the following week, I have the baby :) It just can't get here fast enough!
We are all ready for the little guy!
If you know any tricks on how to go into labor, feel free to let me know! I already know about the ones dealing with sex, spicy foods, castor oil and walking.
So, please send prayers and baby dust my way!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, St. Patty's Day is KIND OF A BIG DEAL at our house. It never really was a big deal growing up, but ever since Alex was 2 years old and was at this really great daycare here in Richmond, they made a big deal out of it, so we have just kind of carried on the tradition. It all started when the little ones would go out for recess and they would come back in and there were green "foot prints" all over the place and little treats every where and chairs were upside down and things were just kind of all out of place. Alex just thought this was the coolest thing, so ever since then, we have done something similar every year.
What I do is get a green St. Patty's hat and fill it with some St. Patty's goodies. Then, I cut out little green feet and start at her door and have the foot prints lead to her room. The foot prints go from her room, into the living room, on the wall, on the sofa, on the coffee table and to her goodie hat! Those crazy leprechauns also make Alex a card and write on it what a good girl she has been and to have a LUCKY day!
We also start the day with Lucky Charms (Which is a total treat because we never have sugary cereal in our house) and for dinner, it's corned beef and cabbage and dessert is chocolate chip mint ice cream!
Here are pics from this morning:
Wake up Alex!!! It's St. Patrick's Day!!!
Here are just the beginnings of the footprints (notice the card by her door, too):
Alex's goodie hat!:
I'm sure you asking yourself "Now, HOW old is Alex??" I know, I know, she's 10 years old...enough with Santa, Leprechauns and Easter Bunny! But I can't help it! It's so much fun!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Talk about pure chaos!! Yesterday was our Girl Scout Troop's booth sale at Wal-Mart. There is supposed to be two girls at a time selling cookies. Everyone had a special shift they were supposed to do. Alex's shift was the final shift of the day, which was from 4:30-6:00pm. Well, apparently these girls were having so much fun that after their shift ended, they wanted to stay. So, at the end of the day, the WHOLE troop was there! These girls were soooooo hyper! The poor people that just wanted to shop at Wal-Mart were so bombarded by Girl Scouts when they walked out! Our girls "blockaded" them so that the people couldn't even pass through! I HAD to take a picture. Of course, we corrected them and had them stand at different spots as to not block the entrances or exits, but you KNOW I had to take a picture! Then, even after we separated them, they were still hyper and doing "cheers" for Girl Scout cookies. I guess these "suckers" mean...shoppers saw how hard the girls were trying to sell their cookies because we SOLD OUT! It was the best booth sale we have EVER had!
Here is the chaos:
Here is Alex and two other girls "cheering"....LOUDLY!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting ready for my "wee" man!

Ok, as you know, my expertise in babies is solely with girls.
As I am learning, boys will be a completely different experience. I'm most freaked out about the "sprinkler" A.K.A. changing a boy's diaper and having him shower you (and himself) in the process. I know, there are a ton of other things to be freaked out about, but this one just really does it for me!
So, this weekend, we picked up this great little gadget! It's called the "Wee Block". Eddie thought it's just for taking pictures, which you can totally do, but it does actually serve a purpose! The one we purchased is navy blue and says "Tinkle Tinkle Little Star" on it! I LOVE IT!

We also picked up the bedding set and the video baby monitor I wanted. So, basically, we are done! This weekend will just be cleaning up the nursery and things like that. I did two loads of just the baby's laundry and I'm STILL not done washing all of his clothes. This kid has more clothes than I do!
I'll take some pictures this weekend to show off my progress.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


First of all, I have to say, I LOVE to plan parties! Yesterday was Eddie's birthday. So, last week I decided to call up Eddie's boss and let him know that I wanted to throw Eddie a surprise birthday party at work. I wanted to make him cupcakes, but he would know they were for him, because once I make cupcakes or something sweet, there is NO hiding it in my house!
So, Eddie's boss called Eddie into a "meeting" and while he was there, I went and decorated Eddie's mean "cube"!

Then I went and decorated the party table!

Then, Eddie came around the corner, totally surpised!

Then, Eddie's work surprised ME and had a mysterious gorilla come up for the party fun! It ended up being one of Eddie's co-workers!

It was such a good time! They are such great people there. I am really feeling sick still and have anotehr dr. appt. today. My face has the "gathering nuts for the winter look" that you get when your pregnant. I hate it. Oh well. This time next month, my boy will be one day old! (that is, if he doesn't come sooner!)