Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ukrops: .05 cents Special K20 Protein Water!


As I was perusing the diet section at Ukrops today, I noticed that their Special K2O Protein Water was on sale fro $1.15 (down from the regular $1.57). Not bad, right? Well, then I took a second look and saw that many of them had coupons attached to them for .55 cents off! Well, since today is super double coupons at Ukrops, I got $1.10 off each one, making them only .05 cents each!
Forget about looking at the John Rolfe YMCA, but all the other ones should have them! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!
This stuff is REALLY good and has 5 grams of dietary fiber, too!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09, done! Now for Thanksgiving!!!

Trick-or-Treating was SO much fun this year!

Alex sort of dressed up as a cheerleader (just wore her cheerleading uniform from Western Wildcats) and Aron was the Campbells Soup kid!

Aron's legs couldn't quite make it ALL the way around the neighborhood, so we brought his trusty wagon!

I'm not sure WHY the weather decided to be 80 degrees out, instead of the nice, crisp 70 degrees it's been!!!! I was sweating big time!

Anyhow, I made Aron's costume this year. It was so much fun (and not to mention it only cost me a whopping $8 to make!). I just used felt, posterboard and paper!
Campbells Soup Kid

Alex really didn't dress up this year. BUT, she definitely wasn't too cool for school, because they had "mix and match" day at school on Friday and this girl went ALL out! I can't tell you how many people came by my job and had "compliments" for Alex as they saw her at her bus stop this morning! Ha! HA! And no, she isn't posing in this picture. She was displaying her true tween attitude because she was forced to take a picture for mom's blog!