Monday, November 5, 2007

Finally some pictures!

Well, we finally found the dock to our digital camera, so I'm posting some long overdue pictures up here today. I'm feeling slighly under the weather today and I had some really bad indigestion last night (I know, TMI!!!) so I had NO sleep! I also have a parent/teacher conference at 3:30 today (not because Alex is in trouble, it's just that time of year again when all parents meet with the teachers). So, I'm taking it easy and staying home. The baby movement is getting stronger, which is really neat! I'm also very emotional! I am NOT an emotional person, but I found myself crying in my car the other day to an NSYNC song "God must have spent a little more time on you". Also, I was crying my eyes out last night on Desperate Housewives when Danielle had her baby. This is getting ridiculous!!!
ANYhow, this first picture is of my mother-in-law when we told her I was pregnant-hilarious! The other three are of Alex at Halloween. GOOD TIMES!
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This one is of our skilled Hollywood make-up effects of a pencil going through Alex's hand! Ha!
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The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

Your MIL's face is hilarious! The pic of Alex's hand is GROSS! It hurts my stomach because it looks so real! See you at Small Groups tonight!

Dolly said...

Awesome job on the pencil in the hand Toni! It looks so real. I'm sure Alex felt really cool having such a great costume!

Donna said...

Hey, Toni! Your little girl looks JUST like you! I felt like I was looking back at you in the 6th grade! Cool cosutme, too.