Friday, September 28, 2007

Hooray for Friday!

I am sooo glad it's Friday!
Last night Ugly Betty was on (one of my all time favorite shows) and I just cried my eyes out! The ending was so sad :(
I hope they never do that again! I also caught my other favorite shows, The Office. We have ALL worked someplace like that, before! I am so glad Pam and Jim are finally a couple!!! About time!!!!
This weekend (starting tonight) is going to be crazy for me! When I get out of work, I am running to Alex's school to decorate the cafeteria bulletin board. Then pick up Alex and go to CVS to get signs, make them and hang up everywhere to promote our yard sale tomorrow. Then, run home and finish getting the rest of our junk together for the yard sale. This weekend we need to finish up packing. Then, I have to pack for Chicago because I leave on Tuesday. I get back on Thursday. Whew! I need a nap just thinking about it!
I just got a call from Alex at school. I hate it when she calls me during school hours. The first words out my mouth are always "What did you do"? But, she just forgot her lunch today. Eddie took her to school, so I guess neither one of them saw her lunch box that I packed and strategically placed right next to her backpack. So, he will be making a little trip to school this afternoon with her lunch. Oh, the joys of parenthood!
I'm officially NOT fitting in any of my regular clothes anymore. Yet, I'm no where near big enough to fit in maternity clothes! I can't stand this awkward stage! I don't remember showing this early with Alex, but I guess they say you show earlier with your second child.
Oh, on a random note, I have to tell you about the after school enrichment program at Alex's school. They send home these papers asking you to sign your child up for this program (not mandatory, but you know how west end moms are...if you don't sign your kid up for something, they will gossip about you and how you don't love your child and how you must be poor because you can't afford this program). There are different things your kids can Mad Science Lab (they do really cool science projects), Vets and Pets (self explanitory), Running Club (they create a team and run in the Times Dispatch 1K in November and practice after school)....etc. Well, Alex wanted to do the Running Club. By the way, you have to pay for this. The Running Club was $30, but some of them, like Vets and Pets were $75. So, you can't just fill out the form and send in the $$. They make you come to school and starting at 3pm you can stand in this long a$$ line and personally sign your child up for whatever program you like. Since certain ones fill up, they can only take a certain number of kids per class. So, I don't get off until 5pm and the sign up ends at 6pm. I get in line at around 5:40. OK, I just have to say, that if your a stay at home mom, why the heck do you wait until 5:30 to come and sign up your kids for this?? YOU HAVE ALL DAY!!! So, the rest of us working moms now have to wait about 45 minutes in line because there are only 3 people working the sign up booth. The best part is, the class "Vets and Pets" filled up and they made an announcement about this and all the "muckity muck" moms got really ticked off and just left. Sooooooo you couldn't choose something else?? There was like 15 different classes to choose from!!! Those poor kids! But, yay for me because the line was decreased by about 15 people! Luckily, the Running Club was open when I finally got up there, so Alex is good to go!
I'm working so hard with her trying to get her in better shape! She does 2 hours of volleyball on Sundays and now this. We also watch The Biggest Loser together and we both get inspired from that show!
Anyhow, I know this is just a bunch of random stuff, but I guess that's why I'm a noodle!!! (Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti)

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