Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food Hangover

I really need to relax on eating!! Seriously!!! I can sit there and eat a HUGE meal, but then a mere 2 hours later, I'm starving like I haven't eaten in days!!!
This past Sunday was the worst. I directed the best little actress this side of the Mississippi (Sommer) in our church drama (which she did a great job, by the way) - "Oh for gosh sakes....just keep the script up there and hide it!!!" Anyhow, I had a big bowl of cereal for breakfast and had to be at church at 9:15. Church didn't start until 11:10, so by 11:45, I was practically in tears and almost had to leave church early because I was so hungry!!! I didn't say goodbye to anyone or anything...I just B-Lined it outta there and Eddie drove me 90 mph to the nearest KFC!!! I think from now on I'll keep some trail mix on me at all times!!
We also started packing up our house, which is lots of "fun". You always find stuff that you forgot you had when you move. I found a pair of shoes that still had the tag on them!! I totally forgot that I bought those last year!! Alex found a doll someone gave her for her birthday last December under her bed and it has never been opened! We have so much stuff that we are just going to have a yard sale next Saturday. I've never had a yard sale before, so this should be interesting!!!
I worked a golf tournament yesterday from 6am-3pm. I could definitely do that all year round. All I had to do was drive around in a beverage cart and hand out beer to all the players in the tournament! It was funny because the girl I was driving with was also pregnant (due in Nov.) so there we were...two prego's driving around in the beer cart! You can only imagine the comments we got!
Check out this shirt...they are out of stock right now....but you KNOW I'm going to get it!!!!
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The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

I LOVE that shirt! I was wondering where you went to on Sunday. I told Todd, where is Toni, I did not even get to say goodbye. He said "Honey, she is long gone". I was hungry to, but you really need to carry a pack of crackers or pretzels to hold you over! Oh, the joys of pregnancy! I love that aspect, however!

Dolly said...

I'm laughing so hard again this morning. Toni, you really should start your own comedy club or something there in Richmond. I'm going to be the SAME way when I get pregnant! It's the only time in your life that you can stick your stomach out and have an excuse to eat for two!