Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yay! We are moving!!!!

Whew! Well, thanks for the prayers! We are going with the lower rent option for now so that we can save a little bit more money for a down payment for a house for next year. We signed all the paperwork today! Owning a house would have been nice, but the mortgage payment was really high, and from what I remember, babies are expensive!!!! I know the daycare alone is equal to a mortgage (no joke)!
Anyhow, if you guys have any boxes, please throw them my way! Also, please feel free to donate your husbands to help poor Eddie move our heavy furniture. We will be moving the heavy stuff the weekend of October 6/7.
So, on a more random note, if you would like to purchase Girl Scout peanuts, do let me know! It's that time of year again :)
I would love to show up all those "muckity muck" moms and sell more peanuts than any of their daughters combined! But, I guess that's in my competitive nature. I'm almost ready to sell them on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Sams get the picture. All I'm sayin', is if you see a "homeless" woman standing at the light at Wal-Mart, begging all who drive by to please buy peanuts or else my daughter and I will be thrown in the street, it might be me!
What's up with the homeless hanging out there anyway? Seriously....people with money shop at Ukrops!!! They would totally get more sympathy money there! Plus, there is an ABC store right there, which makes it more convenient for them. - That's right....I said it!
Well, take care. RIVERA OUT!!!!!!


Dolly said...

I'm LOL! I just happend to click on your blog here at work to see if you've updated anything and thankfully you did. I always love reading your posts because they give me a good laugh. Actually I was answering the phone while reading the part about poor Eddie having to move all the heavy furniture and I started chuckling while answering the phone. YIKES! Glad you found a place to live a little longer.

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

You are crazy! I am so glad that the house came through! Can't wait for Sunday, Drama Coach! I know none of my lines, yet! It should be pretty interesting! See ya then!