Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok, ok, ok......I wasn't really ready to tell everybody, but since my daughter totally spilled the beans at church and Rebecca "outed me" in my comments while I was in AZ, I am 10 weeks preggers! Now Rebecca can look and my baby and say "uuuuhhhhggggg"!!!!
I'm not due until late March, so you can see why I didn't really want to tell everyone. Oh, well!!!
Eddie is super excited about it, too!!!
We were just thinking about how fast Alex is growing up and I am soooooo close to her, that I am going to be a total mess when she graduates high school. So, it will be really cool when she graduates that I'll have another one at home that is currently her age. They will be 10 years apart, which works really well for us. Alex is excited to be a big sister. She wants a little sister. I really don't care what I have, as longs as it's healthy!
Oh, also- Arizona is the shiz!!!! Did you ever see that show on tv "The next Best Thing"? It was a reality show consisting of the world's best impersonators. Here is the website:
Anyhoo, I met Lucille Ball!!! She sat down at my table and we laughed and talked forever!!! We got along really well! But, then again, does that really surprise you??
Ok- I am going to try to post some pictures here. If it works out, the first one is of Lucy and I. The second one is a picturs of the building I stayed in at the Arizona Biltmore. The third one is the view from my room at the Biltmore. Enjoy :)
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Rebecca P. said...

Sorry! Well its better than everyone saying, is she getting fatter when your back is turned.
You planned it right, you'll have a babysitter. Congratulations!!!

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

Congrats, Prego! I am so excited for you!

Dolly said...

Awesome Post Toni! I laughed so hard when the picture of you and Lucille Ball came up. And CONGRATULATIONS on #2!!! I'm so happy for you. Keep us posted on your sickness, gender, etc.