Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, tonight is a two hour episode of The Biggest Loser. There I'll be, sitting there with my Ben and Jerry's watching as I religiously do every Tuesday night! I did get some inspiration and went to the gym yesterday and worked out on the eliptical for 30 minutes.
Speaking of yesterday, I had a doctor appointment yesterday. The baby's heartbeat is 156! Last time it was 120. They took 10 more vials of blood from me to see if I have any blood clotting going on. I mean really, can't they tell that by just one vial of blood? Do they really need 10?! I almost passed out! I think they felt bad for me because after they were done, they gave me a juice box and some peanut butter crackers. I felt like I was 5 years old walking out of there munching on Lance peanut butter crackers and a Juicy Juice, but it was yummy! Eddie was with me, so he held my hand the whole time they took my blood. If you can't tell, I absolutely HATE getting my blood taken! It's not like it hurts or anything, it just makes me soooo nautious and I just hate it! But anyways, other than that, everything looks good! I get those test results back in 2 weeks, so we'll see.
Next week I fly to Chicago for my AAU presentation. I'm terrified to fly while I'm pregnant, but the Dr. said it was ok, so I guess it's ok. By the way, my doctor is really cool. She's new to Bon Secours. Her name is Dr. Leigh Lewis and she seems really awesome! She just had a C-Section a year ago, so I feel like she knows exactly how I feel. It looks like I will undergo another C-Section the last week in March of next year. Totally my choice, though. I could try for a regular delivery, but the way I look at it...Why destroy "both" places? (if you know what I mean)!
That poor woman who has 17 kids...you know, the Duggar Family? Can you even imagine? All I can say is two words "Grand Canyon"!! Her poor husband, too!
I can't explain my obsession with this family. It's kind of like the freaks with the traveling circus...so horrible...yet you can't look away! They even said they can't wait for baby #18! This woman has been pregnant more than half her life!!! Am I the only one out there that finds this bizarre??! I mean, if you have so many kids, that you can have an online quiz called "Name that Duggar", I think you have too many kids!!! I doubt that's what God had in mind when he said "Be fruitful and multiply", but who am I??
Well, I guess I better get back to work, my lunch hour is officially over!
If you haven't heard about this family, here is their website www.duggarfamily.com

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Rebecca P. said...

I know I've been watching the Duggars also. I think the kids just fall out at this point, but that is some serious babymakin' going on. It would be hilarious for #18 to pop out black.