Friday, September 14, 2007

Potty Talk

Ok, not that I frequently ponder this, but it just came up at work and thought I'd get my "blog on" about it. What's up with all the pressure to not go "#2" while others are in the bathroom? I really think it's a "woman thing". I know speaking for myself, if I have to go, I will hold it until I'm blue in the face and drive home. I refuse to do that at work. Mostly, because EVERYBODY will talk about you! "Oh my gosh...I think Sara stunk up the bathroom because I just went in there and saw someone in stall #4 who has black, closed toed shoes on and she was in there when I walked in and was still in there when I walked out". Then, of course, poor Sara walks out of the bathroom and everyone is giving each other "the look". Also, what's up with the uncomfortable silence while in the bathroom? There should be a radio or something in there. When catching someone in the act of going "#2", you always know what they are doing in there, because they will shuffle their feet as soon as you walk in, or they will blow their nose, or tear off some more toilet paper or cough. Is this a sign to let us know when they are up to so that we will leave? Or is this supposed to create a diversion? Also, if you do stink up the bathroom, do us all a favor and courtisy flush and spray some aerosol! Better yet, use the stalls on the other side of the building! No one works on that side, so you are almost guaranteed a "safe haven"!
Of course, whenever we have to go "#1", it's almost like we are proud of it. We go in, we are all "loud and proud" and are in and out of the stall in 30.2 seconds. We wash our hands and are outta there! Speaking of washing hands, don't you dare leave the bathroom at my job without washing your hands. You will be talked about! I'm a total germaphobe, so I wash my hands and use the paper towel to grab the door handle to get out. But let me tell you something. There are a couple ladies here who do not wash their hands and I refuse to eat any of the food they bring in IF I have to borrow a pen or touch something they have touched, let's just say thank God for anti-bacterial gel!!!!
Well, anyhow, just had to get that off my chest.
I have to go to the doctor today because they called me last night and need to run more Lab work on me. I have some weird blood thing going on to where my blood is so thick that I have to take a baby aspirin every day of my pregnancy. I'm really nervous that they want me to come in again. Please pray that everything is ok for Cletus the Fetus.
I'll keep you posted! My next doc. appointment (other than today) is Sept. 24th.


The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

What do you actually do all day at your job? .....only kidding!

Dolly said...

Toni, I was LOL at this post. I've had some of the same exact conversations with girls I used to work with. It's funny how women are and everything you described was RIGHT ON! Hilarious!

Rebecca P. said...

Hey Toni,
Here's what you do. Buy an pair of shoes you keep at your desk. Whenever you go #2 slip them on so under the stall noone recognizes the shoes. Better yet buy a pair that match your coworkers favorite pair.
I can save you boxes from CFA if you want. Call me and let me know.
Cletus the Fetus? You know I'll forever think of that child as Cletus now.