Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It's obvious I have now entered the nesting stage of my pregnancy! I woke up yesterday, had one cup of coffee and pretty much cleaned the entire house, took Alex to the movies, did grocery shopping for the week, went the the Children's Orchard, came back to the house and cleaned some more, organized some stuff, took down Valentines decorations and put up Easter ones, made Alex's lunch for today, went over all family schedules for the week and still had time to catch up on Knight Rider!
By the way, Spiderwick Chronicles is a MUST SEE! It's probably scary for really small children. I will definitely be buying this movie when it comes out. The little boy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is in it and he does such a good job! I highly recommend!
Then, this morning, Eddie's work had a baby shower for us. It was so sweet of them! I honestly wasn't expecting much because his department is really small and the organizers were some men (no offense, but when is the last time you heard of men organizing a baby shower). Well, I get there this morning and they've got the whole room decorated (pink and blue table clothes with matching plates, cups and napkins, gift bags on every table, hand made sail boats (origami-they were so cute!) and baby shower mints. Everyone brought a dish, they had games prepared and it was just a really good time! To top it off, they all pitched in and gave us a gift card to Target in an amount that I never expected! Thanks International Missions Board IT Team! You guys are awesome! I hope to post some pictures soon :)


Dolly said...

I was hoping you would have pictures of your shower this morning. That's great that they spoiled you with a baby shower and what a nice gift! You can always use a gift card to Target. I'm sure you are all ready for your little guy. can't wait to see pictures of him.

Toni Rivera said...

I wish I had pictures, too. I am not sure if they had digital cameras or not. If not, I'll have to wait until the prints come in and then scan them. I wish I was more ready for my baby, but I'm not! I need a ton of stuff still! I have another baby shower this weekend, so I'm really excited about it!