Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maternity pictures

Well, here it is! I got my maternity pics today! It doesn't look great in this post because I had to take a picture of a picture and my camera is really weird at night.
Also, below is a picture of Alex practicing catching for when softball starts in a few weeks! Very exciting!
Other than that, nothing new here. I went to a little class at church this evening "Preparing your daughter for every woman's battle". Let's just say, I'm freaked out just a tad about middle and high school. But, I guess as long as I arm my daughter with knowledge and morals, she will be ok. It still freaks me out, though.


Dolly said...

GREAT pictures Toni! That's really good you got those taken so you'll always have memories of being prego with your little guy. I can't wait to hear his name.

Donna said...

So sweet! That first one of you is beautiful! You are glowing! I used to love Spring time when I was little b/c my dad and I would go outside and throw the softball around. You'll have a busy and fun Spring with the baby and softball!