Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

I can not tell you how happy I am that 2008 is here! 2007 was not a very good year for me (other than finding out I was pregnant). I am looking forward to just meeting my son and just having a nice, relaxing year!
To recap 2007, Britney shaved her head and apparently every other body part, Anna Nicole Smith and her son passed away, Dr. Falwell passed away and the great bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, the fires in California and numerous other horrible things happened. In my own personal life, I had quite a few reality checks, we moved, we went to Disney World and the best, I found out I'm having a son.
Christmas 2007 was spent with my family in Lynchburg and my dad, being the classy man that he is, bought a fart machine and secretly attached it to my brother-in-law's chair and during dinner. He kept making it fart. It was funny for the first 5minutes, but after enduring it throughout the entire dinner, dessert, dinner the next day and dessert the next day, I was ready to throw the fart machine out the window! Ahh...gotta love going home for the holidays :)
My camera ran out of batteries, so as soon as I can get to the store, I'll start taking some pics again!
I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!


Donna said...

I had to read the Pamela Anderson part of your post twice. I thought I had missed some major breaking news somewhere. It was Anna Nicole! Now that was breaking news for 2007! I hope 2008 is a great one for your family.

Dolly said...

I reread your post too when you wrote about Pam Anderson. I was like, "SHE DIED?" You also forgot Dr. Falwell passed away. That was something awful that happened this year. It was funny hearing about your dad at Christmas with his farting machine. I wish we would have seen each other at TRBC for the Christmas Eve service. I looked for you. Happy New Year! 2008 will be great!

Toni Rivera said...

LOL! This pregnancy brain has gotten really bad lately!!! Yesterday I went to give out a friends telephone number (Sommer) and gave the person my own telephone number! I changed my blog! Embarasssing!!!

Dolly said...

Speaking of Sommer...where has she been? I know it is her 10 year anniversary but we are ready for new material!