Wednesday, January 23, 2008


No gestational diabetes for this girl! Bring on the sugar!!! :)
Well, as my little man is getting bigger, so are his movements. At a board meeting this morning, everyone was staring at my belly because my shirt was moving, because he was WIDE AWAKE! Glad I could be the entertainment for everyone (or freak show, however you look at it).
I had to post this picture of me. When I was pregnant with Alex, I used to wear this nightgown pretty much everyday. I even wore it while I was in the hospital. Just for giggles, I decided to try it on. Alex took the picture. It's weird to think that the last time I wore that nightgown, the person behind the camera was in my belly!
Only 9 more weeks to go!


Donna said...

Cute picture, Toni! You look great! It will be so nice to have an older child to help you with this baby:)

Dolly said...

This IS a cute picture. I can't believe he'll be here in a just a few short weeks. You look great Toni! He'll probaby be an active guy if he's making your shirt move. WOW! GOod post!