Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two Cute

Well, now that I have batteries in my camera, I can post this long overdue picture of my baby boy! This was from about 2 weeks ago. He's getting to be such a little chubs! To help you out, he is facing left and his arm is in front of his face. It almost looks like he's singing or laughing!

As a point of comparison, here is his Ultrasound picture from when I was 5 months pregnant...

Here is my other "angel" who wanted me to take a picture of her experimenting with her new found talent of being able to make her eyes move in two different directions.....


Donna said...

Wow! People who can do tricks with their eyes amaze me! That's hard to do and on the verge of gross!!

The baby picture is cute! He has a sweet little mouth. I know you're getting so excited to see and hold him:)

Dolly said...

Toni, Alex is such a spitten image of you it's so funny! She seems like a lot of fun and she probably has a fun personality like her momma.

It's so exciting that your little guy is growing so healthy! Can't wait to see real pictures of him.