Sunday, January 27, 2008

A little break

ahhh...After working all day yesterday, I have off tomorrow (Monday)! Yay! Alex has off from school too, so she will be my little partner all day tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so that should be interesting. Hopefully, it will just be a routine appt. and no more bloodwork! My arms still look like I'm a drugdealer from the last time I went there for the 3 hour glucose test!
To recap how my day went yesterday, I had to rent a van for my 5 clients that came into town. I rented the van on Friday so that I could get used to how it drives. Of course on Saturday morning, I go to start the van and wouldn't you know it, it's DEAD!
Long story short, they come to get the van, I pick up a new van and remember that the restaurant I am taking them to charges $5 for parking and I have no cash! So, I stop by the bank and of course they are closed. I run to the grocery store and buy some bottled water and write the check over by $10. I need a receipt for work to expense this crap and the receipt gets crumpled in the register. Really, I am SO looking forward to having off tomorrow!!!!
On a side note, we did the family breakfast at Hardees today (wow-haven't done that in about 6 years) and was totally shocked at the size of what a "small" drink is!
We hardly ever eat fast food, so I'm not sure if this is a new thing or has been going on for a while. Look at the size of this "SMALL"!!!! Not to mention the face Alex is making! She cracks me up!

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Dolly said...

What the!? I can't believe that's a size small. Wow! I haven't been to Hardees in YEARS! Seriously, I think it may have been highschool. After weight lifting for cheerleading in the summer time, my sister Dawn and I would always hit Hardees before we went home for the chicken biscuits. Good times, good times!