Friday, December 28, 2007

Holy ZITS, Batman!!!

Well, good news is my test results came back and were all negative for gallstones! Yay! They said that the baby went through a "growth spurt" this week and my ribs must have expanded at an unusually fast rate, hence the pain I am feeling. So, no surgery! Woo hoo!
Unfortunately, all the stress has caused approximately 7 huge zits on my face!!! For those of you that know me really well, you know I am obsessive compulsive with zits. Not only for those that are on my own face, but for zits that are on other people's faces, too. What is it about them that drives me nuts!!!??
My nephew had one during Christmas that was "fully primed" and I HAD to pop it!!! I couldn't stand looking at it! I got "the shakes" and everything! I know, weird. It's totally not a pregancy thing, either. I've pretty much been like this my entire life. I keep telling my husband that I should have become a dermatologist!
Oh, well. A little late now!
I can't believe I have a mere 13 weeks left of this pregnancy! I know for some of you that sounds like a really long time away, still, but for me, when you start off with 40 weeks, it really isn't a lot of time left!
Eddie and my father-in-law are putting up the border in the baby's room today. Fingers crossed is all I've got to say. My husband's never done anything like this before, so when I get off work, I'll take some pictures of it and post it.
Well, I'll be at work yet again on New Years Eve, so I'll probably post then also.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years :)

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