Thursday, January 17, 2008

Know your customer!

So, I guess my sales skills are rubbing off on my daughter a little bit! Her Girl Scout Troop had a meeting and decided that their big trip this year is Great Wolf Lodge. Which, this is great and all, but it does not come cheap! So, her troop leader told the girls if that is what they want, they will EACH need to sell 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Let me just tell you right now, I will typically bring the form to work and co-workers buy some (the max I've ever sold at work is like 35) and that's it! So, this past weekend, Alex wanted to go around the neighborhood. "ugh" about all I can say! The last time I went around a neighborhood selling anything is when I had to sell King size candy bars in middle school!
So, Alex REALLY wanted to go and of course, I can't let her go alone, and OF COURSE the Giants were playing and Eddie was glued to the sofa. So, yours truly sucked it up and went with her. I just stood at the end of the driveway while she did her thing. I could hear her from where I was standing. It was so cute..."Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies to support troop #695?" Then, these people would turn her down. House after house...nothing but "No thanks" or "I've already bought some". So, after about 17-20 houses, Alex looked across the street and said "Look mom...those houses are really big, I bet all of those people are really rich and they will probably buy tons of cookies"! Trying to not put a stereotype on the people in my neighborhood, I told her that just because they have big houses, does not mean they are rich, nor does it mean they will all buy cookies. Then, she pulled a "Deal or no Deal" moment on me and said that if the first three houses she goes to buys cookies, we get to sell to the whole neighborhood. I thought this was fair, because let's face's Sunday afternoon and these people probably aren't home or in the mood to buy cookies.
Well, as my awesome luck would have it, the all three of those first houses purchased cookies and so did every other house in that neighborhood.
What was her total at the end of the day? 70 BOXES!
So, my little sales woman identified her customer and went for it! I was so proud of her. Of course, my feet were killing me and were so swollen I could hardly take off my shoes, but it was worth it!
Only 30 more boxes to go!!!


The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

Way to go! I'll take 2 boxes - mint and somoas! I know I should not eat those things, but they are so good! So now only 28 boxes left!

Donna said...

That's cute! Now I feel bad, because we had 2 Girl Scouts come to our door on Sunday and ask us to buy cookies. I normally buy thin mints, but I'm trying to watch the sugar intake so I said no! I know, how mean!! I normally try to buy something from a child who sells at our door, but this time I didn't. I would have bought from Alex, though:)

Dolly said...

I love this story and I can picture you Toni, at the end of each drive way waiting for her. I will remember this story when little girl scouts come to my door too. I LOVE the samoas!!! I could eat a whole package of those.