Friday, January 11, 2008

Ahhh..the nice crisp air!

Since it has been so nice out, Alex took her new bike out for a spin this week. This is the "Schwinn" bike she got for her birthday. Complete with banana seat!
She just cracks me up! She took the infamous "Family Life" class yesterday at school and ALL she talked about from the moment I picked her up to the moment her head hit that pillow was vagina's. I had to go to the drug store because I ran out of facial powder and Alex wanted to come with me. Well, as soon as we entered the store, she B-Lined it to the maxi pad isle. She came around the corner with a box of Always pads and put them in the cart "in case" she gets her period. As SOON as we got home, she took her box of pads and went to the bathroom to "try them on". She said she wanted to see how they felt. By the end of the next hour, she was ready to trash it. Then, she found a box of tampons and wanted me to show her how they worked. As soon as I ran it under water, she was like "no way...I'll never use those"!!! She said she can't wait until next year, when they get to learn about "boy parts". (My facial expression at this point was just blank and my eyes were just blinking....blink...blink.)
She and I have SUCH a different relationship about this kind of stuff than my mother and I did. I mean, this child tells me EVERYTHING! No holds bar!!! We had quite the in-depth conversation about vagina's, sex, tampons, pads and periods yesterday. I am so glad she feels comfortable telling me about this. Not only me, but also Eddie. His facial expressions are about the same as mine, just blank! Ha! Ha!

If I can just pass along some great advice that was given to me for those of you with daughters out there. Don't EVER cringe or make faces or tell your daughter that "you don't need to hear that kind of stuff" because it makes you feel uncomfortable or because "I'm your mother". As much as it MAY make you feel uncomfortable, you absolutely CAN NOT let them know this. If they don't tell you or ask you about it, they will just go and tell or ask one of their friends, who as you know, will give them the wrong advice. Also, if they ask you about sex or vagina's or whatever, just tell them the honest truth. They will accept it. Don't laugh or joke about it when you do. Just tell them kind of "matter of factly".
Then, you can blog all about it and laugh!!!!


The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

You need to join our class on Sundays from 5 to 6, that Rebecca and I are starting! It is called Preparing your daughter for every woman's battle! But it sounds like she know a lot already! I am so nervous to even bring it up with Madde!

Donna said...

Good advice! I heard that, too. If you cringe or act like it's "bad" then they'll feel bad and dirty, too. I have to admit, I'll be sad the day that Caroline is old enough to know about this kind of stuff, but it will also be nice to have a close relationship where we can discuss this kind of stuff.
I'm laughing that she wanted to talk about vaginas all day long! Funny:)