Monday, January 21, 2008

The new project!

Well, our border for the the nursery FINALLY came in and was actually in stock! We have never put up wallpaper or border before and we thought border paper was kind of like a giant just pull off the back and stick it up.'s a whole pain in the butt process involved! You have to get brushes and squeegies (or however you spell it) and razors and scissors.....the list goes on! Here is our end result...not bad for our first time!

Also, luckily today I had off from work and I got to take the 3-hour glucose test! Hooray!!! I know, you must be 'hatin'! HA! I had to drink a HUGE cup of the nasty sugary stuff, then have my blood taken 4 times. Please pray I don't have gestational diabetes. Even though it's not going to be horrible if I do, I just hate the thought that I have yet another thing wrong with my pregnancy!
I always feel like crap the rest of the day after I take that glucose test, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to making to ballroom dancing lessons tonight :(
Oh-I brought along with me one of the BEST books I've read in a long time and I must's called The Glass Castle. Long story short, it's about this girl who grew up the worst poverty I've ever heard of and her story of how she got out of it. I know I'm not doing it any justice here, but it is REALLY good! And I don't read books, so you know it must be good:)


The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

I think it's a little crooked in the corner! ONLY KIDDING! You guys did a great job! Please try to come to dancing tonight, we found a sitter!

Dolly said...

your room looks great and so "boy"! Now that you've got a start everything else will start falling into place.

Who is that book by? I always like a good read and I'm like you, I don't read much so I like good recommendations.

Toni said...

The book is by Jeanette Walls. Oh my is SO good! She is now a reporter for You would NOT believe all the stuff she has been through in her life! CRAZY!

Dolly said...

I'll have to check out this book. Thanks for the recommendation

Donna said...

I love that border. I like the plaid part of it, too. It looks great!

I LOVE taking that glucose test. The drink is delicious, I think. I gulped it down both times and wanted more:) I didn't like the blood part, though.