Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The "Mom" Cut

I broke down and did it. I got all of my hair chopped off today. It's not styled the way I want it, but it's the cut I was looking for. I'm not a fan of the "mushroom" hair, so I'm looking forward to fixing it my way tomorrow. And no, that's not a bra I'm wairing in the 2nd picture, it's a nursing tank top!


Donna said...

Cute cut! It's so funny how after you get married and after you have a baby you get your hair cut short!! I like your new style.

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

Toni it looks wonderful! I really like it! I heard you went to visit Jackie through the grapevine!

Tonya said...

So cute! I got my hair cut short after my second! I'm letting my grow right now for my sisters wedding but I cant wait to chop it off again!

Rebecca said...

Hey Girl,
It looks good. Way more flattering!

Dolly said...

so cute Toni! I love the before and after shots. I'm deciding if I should get mine cut now too. It's getting on my nerves. You look great!