Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First night home.....no sleep

Just a quick update here...
I am glad we are home, HOWEVER, we got NO sleep! It's not because Aron is cranky or anything, but we are just SO paranoid! Every five minutes Eddie and I keep getting up to check on him! Breastfeeding is coming along very slowly. I am hoping it will get easier! My feet are more swollen now than before if you can imagine that! The pain is slowly getting better. I went all night with no pain killers, knowing I would need them during the day! So far, it's tolerable.
Here is my favorite pic of Aron so far. I'll be taking tons of pics of him today, so be on the lookout for those in the next couple of days.
He is such a good baby and so beautiful. I was so worried that I wouldn't have enough love to share among two kids, but I have SO much that it's crazy!
Oh, also, this is so cute and made me cry so many tears of joy....
Each student in Alex's class made a "page" welcoming Aron to the world. On each child's "page", they wrote something positive about Alex and Aron and drew a cute picture. The teacher then bound all the pages and made a book. I'll be taking a picture of some of my favorite pages out of it and posting it for you soon as well.

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Donna said...

How are you going without pain killers?! I had to take them just about every 3-4 hours! You're brave. Isn't it scary how paranoid you can make yourself? We did the same thing. I think your brain thinks scary stuff at night. He is adorable!