Monday, September 29, 2008

Crazy Day

Well, today was just an INSANE day for me! I got up early because I knew I had to run a TON of errands. Firstly, I couldn't find my keys ANYWHERE! Finally, I found them behind my coffee table. Then, I get to the mall and my hubby and I are supposed to meet for lunch. Then, of course, I go back to my car and it won't start. Battery is d-e-a-d! So, we call Geico and they can have someone come out and give us a jump start in about an hour. Well, to make a really long story short, an hour and a half later, they show up. We go to get a quote on a new battery at Sears and can you believe they wanted to charge us $189??!! What?! Do they think I'm some stupid woman who doesn't know anything about cars?? I can buy one at Auto Zone for under $80 bucks.
Then, I start feeling sick...almost flu-like symptoms, but I take an Aleve and I suck it up and go to work. I really love my job, I just was not feeling good at all.
Well, a lot of other crappy things happened today, but there is something that made everything ALL better...I truly made my day! The BEST thing happened and I caught it ALL on camera and here it is! Enjoy!

I had started doing this to Aron saying "I'm going to eat you up...yes I am!" and he would laugh really hard when I got to the "Yes I am" part. So, Alex gave it a go and there you have it!


Dolly said...

SO SWEET Toni! Alex is really sweet with her little brother. You can tell she adores him. I can see you BIG TIME in Aron by the way.

Sorry about your day yesterday. You're right though, something like that video can make your whole day. said...

He is a PUMPKIN! I could eat him up! I love a good baby belly laugh. And, what a great big sister. She probably helps you out a lot. Can I borrow her for a month or so? :)