Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My little handsome and first day of last year of elementary school :(

Whew! Was that blog title long enough for you??
Today, Alex went of to school to begin her last year of elementary school:( I am soooooooo sad!!!!! I can't believe next year she will be going into middle school!! Oh, just shoot me now!!!!
She is, of course, really excited about it, however.
It's nice spending a little extra time with my little man, though.
This past weekend he FINALLY rolled over! Eddie claimed he rolled over a couple of weeks ago, but he cheated because he put Aron on his side....that doesn't count!
Also, Aron is really loving his little exersaucer! He loves Baby Einsteen, too. We have been watching Baby Mozart so much that our whole family has memorized the video. So, today I went to the library and was pleasantly surprised that they had the Baby Einstein dvd's that we could check out! Woohoo!
Here is Aron rolling over:

Here he is having fun in the exersaucer (please excuse the mess in the background...I am in the process of putting away summer stuff and taking out fall stuff!:

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