Friday, September 5, 2008


I USED to love watching Oprah...that is...until today. I vow to NEVER watch her show again. Her producers and co-workers are trying to get Sarah Palin on the show, but since Oprah is an "Obamanator" she refuses to do so. How DARE she claim to be an advocate for women, yet, not allow Sarah Palin on her show?? I guess it's because she knows that Sarah Palin can put her in her place and throw facts out that prove she is more qualified than both Obama and Biden.
I would also like to point out that I LOVE that the democrats are shaking in their boots because Obama is FOR infanticide in the event that the baby has down syndrome and Sarah Palin has a beautiful baby with down syndrome--sorry, but you know well in advance that your baby has down syndrome....why kill him/her during birth???! Or at all, for that matter? There is a wonderful thing called adoption!!!
I strongly urge you to send Oprah and email via her website and let her know what you think!

3 comments: said...

AMEN Toni! I used to be Oprah's biggest fan. But in the last few years, she's showing her true colors. I think all the opposition to McCain and Palin will only energize the Republican party even more....LET'S GET IT ON! This is going to be an exciting campaign for sure!

Tonya said...

I so agree! I used to use Oprah as my one selfish show a day and used to read her book club.. Thats until she went all psycho and "I rule the world" on us! I boycotted about a 18 months ago. It wasn't as hard as I thought. This is what got me started on the boycott

Dolly said...

I 100% agree too! I used to be a HUGE Oprah fan and wanted to go to her show, etc but she's become WAY TO BIG for her britches. Or so she thinks! I'm not a fan of hers anymore and I hate when she yells on her show when she announces something like a free giveaway. It's so annoying!!!