Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whew! What a weekend!

Ok, well, I'll start out with Alex's brush with fame. We received an "exclusive" invitation in the mail to meet Alyson Stoner at our local mall. If you don't know who Alyson Stoner is, she is in the movie Camp Rock. For folks my age, you might have recognized her from the Missy Elliott music video "Work It" from a few years back - she was the little "white girl". Anyhow, this movie is ALL the rage here in Richmond among 8-15 year olds. It's very similar to High School Musical.
camp rock
Anyhow, since Alex is a HUGE fan of the movie, I decided to take her because 1. I don't take her concerts or anything like that, so she has never met or seen anyone that she has seen on tv AND 2. We have been lacking quality mother/daughter time lately.
So, this chick was supposed to start signing autographs at 5pm on Saturday. I thought we would get there early because I knew there was going to be a long line, so we got there at 3:30 - ok, don't laugh....just keep reading.
We get there and there is already a line of about 200 people in front of us! We decided to stick it out and wait. Good thing, because when it actually came to be 5pm the line was RIDICULOUS! I can't even tell you how many THOUSANDS of people were waiting behind us! I took a picture from where we were standing in line, but it doesn't do it justice. The whole upper level of our entire mall was one great, big line!!! Bet your not laughing at me now!!!!
the line

So, of course all of Alex's friends were there too, and since we had such a great spot in line, they all cut in and joined us. Everybody was cutting in line to join their friends so I wasn't worried about it. Here is a picture of the gang:
the gang

Here is the BIG MOMENT. Because the line was so long, we couldn't take any "posed" pictures. Alyson told Alex she like her glasses. Alex was SOOOOOOO excited! Then, she told Alex to have a good day. All day long, Alex kept saying "Alyson Stoner told ME to have a good day"! It was so cute!
Alyson Stoner

Then, it was off to home, where I thought I'd give Aron his first taste of peas. I think the pictures speak for themselves:
grumpy old man

Doesn't he look like a grumpy old man in this one!
grumpier old man

Well, that's all for now. Since I am off today, I am going to cook dinners for the entire week, and then reheat in the oven when ready to eat. Even though I only work 3 hours a day, chasing those kiddies around wears me out!


Dolly said...

I love that you had a little mother/daughter time with Alex like that. Her friends are cute with her. And that little Aron!!! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I love his little face with the peas all over him.

By the way, my goal is to make lots of dishes this month to freeze and save for when the baby is born. Good idea!

Donna said...

You littel Aron is beautiful! I LOVE those eyes. The pictures crack me up, but I want to reach in the computer and hold him because of those little tears!

I'm glad you had good mother/daughter time with Alex. Good for you for standing in line for 1.5 hours! She'll always remembere that!