Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's always quiet before the storm......

This weekend is going to be yet another crazy one. The 'rents are coming in on Friday night and staying until Sunday. They are coming in for Alex's 10th birthday. I just have so much to prepare for! Get this...Alex has a birthday party to go to on Friday night, her own party on Saturday at 11am, then another birthday at 2pm! Of course, I'm not letting her stay for very long at all the parties (except her own, of course) because family is in town, but this is just nuts! What were all of us moms thinking in April 1997??!!
Anyhow, since she is the big "1-0" now, we are trying to make it really special. Last year we hired Fire Spinners to come and spin fire, so that is really hard to top! Eddie and I were going to take the girls to the baseball park behind our house and get a big game of kickball going, but the outlook for weather does not look good. So, now i have no idea! I'm totally open to ideas at this point, so if you have any, please let me know! I'm thinking of having the girls do some sort of really cool craft, but can't think of one. The mom at one of the other parties told me she is going to have the girls do tie-dye shirts and glass bead necklaces. So, of course I want to do something better than that! When did b-day parties become so competitive, anyways??!!
Instead of doing "goodie bags" for her birthday, we had Alex compile a list of her "top 10" favorite songs and we will be burning those onto cd's for all the girls. "Alex's top ten for her tenth b-day cd".
Whew...her birthday WEARS ME OUT every year!!! It's worth it, though!
Nothing new to report on the pregnancy. I have a doctor appt next Wednesday, then an Ultrasound on Jan. 8th.
We found an AWESOME deal on a Peg-Perego high chair this week and couldn't pass it up! We love it because it has a TON of really awesome features and Eddie loves it because it doesn't look "baby-ish" and it's leather. Here's a picture, although it doesn't do it justice!
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Dolly said...

I can imagine how stressful getting all the details for a bday party together is. I love your idea of Alex's top 10 fav songs. The kids should love that.

Donna said...

Toni,we have that exact highchair. You will love it, although we never used the rocking feature. It is kind of pointless!