Sunday, December 16, 2007

Serenity Now!

I am soooo happy this weekend is over! Woohooo!!!! It started on Friday night and my parents came into town. I'm so glad they stayed until Sunday! I don't think I could have survived the weekend without them! Alex went to a friends birthday party on Friday, so that wasn't so bad. I was able to wrap a couple of Alex's presents and pick up the cake while she was there. Her room was a MESS, and I normally make her clean it, but since it was her birthday, she spent the night with my parents at the hotel and Eddie and I cleaned her room. The next morning my parents, niece and Alex came over with Alex's newest present. A brand new bike! She was VERY excited! Then, the party started at 11am. Only 9 girls RSVP'd, yet somehow 14 girls showed up! My house is not big at all, but we made it work! I had a feeling this would happen because this happened last year, so I made up 15 giveaways just in case! Here are all the girls (well, not all, they wouldn't all fit in the camera) in Alex's room--yea...the one Eddie and I cleaned up the night before.
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Then we had cake - Can't you tell how "thrilled" Alex's little friend is in the background?! They were all sooo tired because I took them outside to play some kickball! And I'm just NOW noticing there are only 9 candles on her birthday cake and not ten...or ten plus one for good luck! I don't even know who put the candles on there in the first place! That's how crazy it was!
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Then it was off to another girls birthday party right after ours!
My dog is really smelly and I didn't feel like fighting him to give him a bath, so my husband brought the dog up front (he's not allowed to walk on the carpet) and I took him to Petco and now he smells like Gingerbread Vanilla :)

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Donna said...

Wow! When I saw that first picture of all of those girls, I was brought back to all the parties I went to as a little girl...CHAOS! Good for you for taking that on. I'm glad your busy weekend is over!

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

You are brave! But Madde had a blast! Glad to see the rents this weekend, I sure do miss the old times!

Dolly said...

Toni, I'm laughing to myself as I read your post. I'm sure you are glad it's over! I'm sure Alex felt very loved and will never forget her 10th bday (or was it 11?) despite all the chaos.

I love the picture of the thrilled little girl in the background. She probably wished it was HER birthday.