Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ok, I HAVE to say something!

I don't know why everyone is so shocked that Britney Spears 16-year old little sister, Jaime Spears, is pregnant. The girl is 16 years old and her mother ALLOWS her to LIVE with her 19 year old boyfriend! It makes me so mad that they claim to be such great christians, yet, totally justify that living situation! Isn't that illegal anyways??! Then, you have all of the liberals going on "the air" (tv, radio...etc) insinuating (sp?) that that is SO typical of "those" christians!
I can't even IMAGINE living with my boyfriend (at the time) when I was 16 years old! Are you kidding me??! It just goes to show that when parents make poor choices with their children and set absolutely no boundaries, this is what happens. I'm not saying that kids don't go off and sneak out and do things they shouldn't, but when a parent doesn't set any rules or even show their kids what "morals" are, how are the kids supposed to ever feel this is wrong in the first place?? It just makes me so sick. And that's all I've got to say about that.
Onto me. I went to the doctor today and waited almost an hour to see the doctor. I've never had to wait so long! When the doctor came in, she seemed in a hurry and said that another patient came in before me for their monthly check up, (and not mentioning anything specific), and now she has to perform and emergency C-Section. So, of course I felt too guilty to ask her any questions because I didn't want to hold up the emergency C-Section patient! So, she quickly measured my belly, listened to heartbeat...etc. and she said that everything was "perfect"! Who knows if it really is "perfect", because she might have just said that so that I wouldn't ask any questions so she could get the "H out of dodge". So, my next appointment is Jan. 8th and that's the big one. I keep praying that ultrasound will show that my boy's cyst is gone.
On Friday night, we are off to the 'burg. We are going to do Christmas with my parents and sisters, then on Christmas Eve we are coming back to Richmond to do Christmas with my sister-in-law and Eddie's parents.
Just when I think the chaos is over, I have a client coming in for a site inspection of Richmond on 12/27 and I have to show him all around and stuff. Normally, that is really fun, but I am starting to get into that uncomfortable phase of pregnancy and I'm not going to be up to all that walking in the freezing cold! Oh well!


Dolly said...

I hear ya Toni! It's really sad about the whole Spear's family.

I hope I run in to you while you guys are here in the burg for Christmas. It would be so good to see you again. Merry Christmas!!!

Toni Rivera said...

Hi Dolly!
I would love to see you while in the 'burg! We are coming down tonight, then leaving on Christmas Eve. We will also be doing the family Christmas at TRBC. I will look for you there. Do you guys still sit at that same spot?

Dolly said...

hahahha! No, not since we are at the new TRBC. We'll probably sit somewhere downstairs. Not really sure where but I'll keep a look out for you. Hope to see you there! Be safe. It's snowing here.