Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rakin' in the deals!!!

I spent about 3 hours yesterday "couponing". And I'm not talking about collecting coupons and putting them in an organizer. I'm talking about comparing/contrasting all ads, looking up deals online...etc.
They pay-off was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
I got all of my groceries for the week for $53 (this included formula, diapers and 3 pkgs. wipes, too!!!!!!
At Walgreens this week, here is what I got and only spent about $3.....
-True Shimmer Chapstick
-Skintimate Shaving gel
-two boxes of Life cereal
-two bottles of Softsoap body wash

I am SSSOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!
There is also a website that you can go to and enter to receive their coupons, too! It's www.afullcup.com AND you have a chance to win a $25 Amex gift certificate! Double bonus!

Well, I'm busy preparing for Aron's 1st birthday this Saturday!!! (wow! A year has FLOWN by!!)
I'll be posting more about that later!!!


Donna said...

Good for you!!! Once you get into it, the easier it will get.

I can't believe Aron is almost a year! That is crazy!

A Frugal Friend said...

Great job....haven't myself made it to Walgreens this week.....my little one has been sick. I've enjoyed watching everyone else get their deals though.