Friday, May 30, 2008

What a big boy!

Well, here are the pictures I promised! Aron wasn't sure what the Bebe Pod seat was all about. He just kind of sat there and looked uncomfortable! He is starting to laugh now, so that is just so much fun :) I can't believe he is 8 weeks old today! What a big boy!!
Today is crazy. I'm reorganizing rooms, cleaning and Alex has a game at 5:30. Tomorrow morning one of the more affluent neighborhoods here is having a neighborhood-wide yard sale, so I'm all over that!
Oh, and yesterday's PTA Board meeting was something else! Just curious, who serves Mimosa's at a PTA Board meeting? Some of those moms were a HOT MESS! Really, have you EVER had alcohol before? Don't you know how stupid it can make you look?
So, yea...once again, yours truly didn't fit in. Still the youngest parent in the crowd. It's getting a little old. I thought by now some of the kindergarden parents would maybe be around my age, but alas, they are mostly all in their late thirties, early forties. They were all talking about wrinkle cream and how much grey hair they all really have. I tried to chime in, but they just said "oh,'ll have this problem when you get to be our age". Of course, you know I had to make them feel stupid. Is it wrong to lie about getting a little "nip and tuck"?? No...I didn't tell them I was 38 and had some "work done"...but do you know how close I was to saying it??! I just simply told them that I look a lot younger than I might seem. This seemed to intrigue them and they asked how old I was. Although I thought this was a rather rude question, I just came back with mid-thirties. (32 is mid-thirties, right?)
So, long story short, yours truly is now the chair of the Hospitality Committee for my daughters school. Basically, this position entails organizing monthly teacher luncheons, goodie bags for teachers, holidays, special events....etc. It's quite a task, so I hope I do a good job and get a good base of parent volunteers!
Ok, here are the pictures:

Aron LOVES his mobile!

The Bebe Pod:


3 comments: said...

Toni, he is such a doll! Look at all that hair! Your PTA story is classic. Mimosas at a PTA? Inconceivable! I am picturing you saying you're in your "mid-30's"! That's so funny.

How is Aron sleeping? Eating? 13.5 pounds sounds like he's doing really well. Such a cutie!

Dolly said...

I love the pictures of Aron! He's so cute and I can see you in him big time.

I am laughing that you told them mid-thirties too. They are just jealous they aren't 30 flirty and thriving anymore. Live it up! Oh, and congrats on being the hospitality chair. You'll do great!

Donna said...

Yes, I can see you in Aron now, too. The PTA story is funny. They all probably try to be like the Desperate Housewives!