Monday, May 12, 2008

Long weekend and some pictures

Wow. That's about all I can say. We took our first road trip with the baby to Lynchburg to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday. I can't believe how much stuff we had to bring. Pack-n-play, bouncy seat, bottles, formula, breast pump, diapers, wipes...well, you get the idea. On Sunday, we all went to TRBC. I should have known it was going to be a disaster when as we pulled in the parking lot, a high speed chase was taking place in the parking lot, which ended with guns drawn and handcuffs! Alex is STILL talking about it today! It was an excellent service and Aron was very well behaved. That is, until the very end when Jonathan Falwell does the good 'ole "altar call" and asks that everyone be as quiet as possible and not to move as people are making life-changing decisions. Of course that is when Aron decides to wake up out of a dead sleep and start screaming with no warning whatsoever! Everyone around me "shook"-like how you do in the scary part of a movie. Can you say EMBARRASSING!!!!????
I quickly whisked him out of there, but not before stepping on peoples toes trying to get out of the aisle and accidentally leaving my diaper bag at my seat. Ugh. Eddie met me out in the lobby and took the baby and I HAD to go BACK IN and "excuse me, pardon me" my way to my seat to get the diaper bag and "I'm sorry" my way outta there. It doesn't help that my parents sit a few rows shy of the front!
We Bee-lined it out of there and went back to my parents house.
For some reason, it took us 3 hours to cook lunch. All we had was pasta and meatballs, for the love!
So, long story short, we made it home last night around 7:30pm, when our plan was to return home around 5pm. Oh, well. It's always great spending Mother's Day with my mom :)
Oh, and here are some pictures from Aron's first professional photo shoot! What a little model!
This is what we used on his birth announcements:




Dolly said...

Sounds like you had a nice Mother's day weekend Toni! I was at TRBC yesterday and should have looked for you. I didn't know you would be there. I saw the cops out in the parking lot with a lady yelling at one. YIKES! I didn't know it was a car chase ending with handcuffs. WOW!

Love the latest pics of Aron. What a cutie. I bet your parents ate him up!

Donna said...

That's hilarious, Toni! It's alwasy so nerve wracking bringing a baby into church!!

I LOVE the third picture of Aron. I hope you enjoyed your mother's day as a mother of two.

BTW, what was the high speed chase about?!

Toni Rivera said...

I think the guy was just drunk and didn't want to get caught. At least, that is what the buzz is all about today in the 'burg! Always something!

Tonya said...

Oh I love those pictures! So cute! That story about you and the baby in church cracks me up! I have done that exact same thing so many times! So funny!