Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A VERY good read!

I've been slacking just a little on my blogging! I guess a new baby and lack of sleep will do that :)
I have to share with you an excellent book! I went to TRBC on Mother's Day and my parents bought me this book by Macel Falwell. It's about Jerry Falwell's life through her eyes. I normally would just say "thanks mom" and then put the book on my bookshelf and save it for when Alex has to do a biography in high school. But, something compelled me to just read a couple of pages. Then, I was hooked! It is SOOOO good! There's so many things about Jerry that I did not know. We all know the media twists stuff around, but it's really interesting seeing how it works from her point of view. She even mentions my friends Dolly and Donna's dad in there a few times! The really sad part is of course the end of the book. She goes into detail about how they found Jerry after he passed. Then, they had all of the Falwell grandchildren write about their "Poppy".
He really was just a great man with a huge heart. If you have some time, READ this book. I could't put it down!


Dolly said...

Toni, I'm reading the same book right now but I've just started it. I didn't know they mentioned my dad! Wow! Now I want to really get reading. I was the same way...I started thumbing through it and starting reading the first few pages and I was hooked too! It really helps you get to know Macel too. She's a sweet lady. I loved the comments at the end from the grandchildren. They made me teary eyed! Good book!

Donna said...

I'm going to Amazon right now to buy it. All you had to say was that she mentioned my dad:) No, seriously, I wanted to read it. I miss Dr. Falwell:(

Tonya said...

I picked up my copy at Sam's Club this weekend at Mrs. Falwells book signing. I started my signed copy today (I know you are jealous) and I am very hooked! Now I am trying to make myself save it for Sunday when I leave for the beach. I really dont know if I can wait!