Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Morning Disaster

This morning was absolutely terrible! Of course, I have to blog about it!
It started when the baby woke up at 6:45am screaming because he was hungry. So, I fed him (which, by the way, he falls asleep when he feeds, so it takes almost 45 minutes to feed him). Eddie got ready for work and woke up Alex. Alex wouldn't get up. Finally, she rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. She was in there for like 20 minutes! What does a 10-year old girl DO in the bathroom for 20 minutes??! So, we both yelled for her to get out of there because I had just realized I forgot to make her lunch. I asked Alex to please make her lunch. She brings me what is left in the bag of cheetos (which is about half the bag) and says that she is going to pack them all for snack. I told her NO WAY...only a few. So, she goes back to the kitchen and prepares her lunch. After she is done, she looked "suspicious" and headed straight for the front door. I inspected her lunch and here is what she packed:
All the Cheetos (Which I told her not to pack)
A Go-Gurt
A fruit cup
A piece of my birthday cake
A Little Debbie snack
A baggie of grape tomatoes
2 Capri Suns

Yea.....there was NO sandwich in there, either! Oooohhhh...I was burning mad! She then got "the spoon" and cried all the way school ( I have no tolerance for disobedience). As she was getting out of the car, she was still crying and the teachers that assist with car-rider circle were looking at her, then looking at me like I was the devil. What a great morning!


Dolly said...

Yikes! Hope you had a better morning today. I remember those days, going to school upset with my mom about something. It was the END of the world to me. said...

You KNOW you're not the only one to have lost it a little in a rush. I have had to even apologize to Will before for getting mad at him. It does make me laugh a little, because of the lunch bag thing. Will thinks a complete meal is a bag of fruit snacks and a little debbie. It's hard to make kid friendly, healthy meals!

Hope the rest of your day was better! How old is your baby? Sleeping through the night yet?