Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm NEVER going to have this baby!

I'm totally convinced this baby will be in my belly FOREVER! He is never coming out! I went to the doctor today and unfortunately, they can't get me in any sooner than April 4th. So...who is miserable?! THIS GIRL! I know, I know...."it's only 9 days away". Unfortunately, for me, that is an eternity! The doctor told me today that he is going to be a "good sized baby". I'm not sure what that means.
I pretty much get about 4-5 REAL hours of sleep each night, which I know I should be grateful for now because I will be getting 0-3 hours of sleep each night in the coming weeks. At least I'll have a good reason to get no sleep, then! I wake up all throughout the night with leg cramps, bathroom breaks, Antacid pills, water, nasal congestion...ugh...the list goes on and on! Then, I get to go to work every day and hear over and over "You're still here??" and "Are you sure you're not having twins??" and "Wow-you've dropped!" It's such GOOD TIMES!!!! (sarcastic)
I brought a list of "requests" up to my doctor today about how I want things to go with the C-Section. Since I've been through this before, I know what I want this time 'round. Thank God she is surrendering to all of my requests which include having an iPod on and BLASTING during the C-Section so I dont hear them cutting me open, don't tie down my arms, use stitches-not staples and a lot of other things. I'm so thankful to have such an understanding doctor! Anyone in the Richmond area looking for an awesome OBGYN, Dr. Leigh Lewis at St. Mary's is fabulous! I suppose I will let you know exactly how fabulous she is after the C-Section :)
Well, anyhow, April 4th it is and it just can't get here fast enough!


Donna said...

I remember those feelings. Seriously, though. I know you keep hearing it, but enjoy this last week. I remember getting up throughout the night because I couldn't sleep. Lifetime has GREAT movies on at 2 am!!!

Dolly said...

Toni, that stinks that you still have to go into work everyday. Just a little longer and then you can enjoy your leave. In the meantime, keep smiling and keep blogging your frustrations. It may help you feel better.

Dolly said...

by the way, I hope you have him before April 4th too because that's when Leland and I leave for a week trip. I won't have Internet access until I get back and I'll be wondering how everything went!

Denise said...

Hello Toni, I am Dolly and Donna sister. I just wanted you to know that I clicked on your blog tonight. Our house is oddly quiet and I just saw your comment on Dolly's newest post, so I thought I would check out "Is it 5 o'clock yet?" I remember Dolly or Donna telling me at Christmas that your blog was so funny! You're a good writer!

I didn't know you were pregnant! Good for you! And you have a 10 year old girl! So do we.

You look great! People can be so cruel with the things they say to a pregnant lady. They just don't get it. I had people ask me if I was having twins in my 5 month of pregnancy with Margaux--THAT is embarrassing.

I'll be checking back to see when the big day arrives. Hopefully sooner then the 4th! said...

Toni, so good to catch up on you! I'm excited for you having a boy!!! Okay, I'm hysterical over the Carmen song! "In the vast expanse of time and space...." or whatever he says. I can picture it right now. Did you know that was Paul's part when we did this as a skit for Young Believers? He really thought he was so cool because he got to wear his black leather golf hat. :)

I love reading your blog. You always my comic relief in high school. So glad that hasn't changed!

Names for the baby? Or did I miss that part?