Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting ready for my "wee" man!

Ok, as you know, my expertise in babies is solely with girls.
As I am learning, boys will be a completely different experience. I'm most freaked out about the "sprinkler" A.K.A. changing a boy's diaper and having him shower you (and himself) in the process. I know, there are a ton of other things to be freaked out about, but this one just really does it for me!
So, this weekend, we picked up this great little gadget! It's called the "Wee Block". Eddie thought it's just for taking pictures, which you can totally do, but it does actually serve a purpose! The one we purchased is navy blue and says "Tinkle Tinkle Little Star" on it! I LOVE IT!

We also picked up the bedding set and the video baby monitor I wanted. So, basically, we are done! This weekend will just be cleaning up the nursery and things like that. I did two loads of just the baby's laundry and I'm STILL not done washing all of his clothes. This kid has more clothes than I do!
I'll take some pictures this weekend to show off my progress.


Dolly said...

this is hilarious Toni! You'll have to get a picture of him with his baby cup for sure! Sounds like you're now just waiting for him to come! Can't wait!

Dolly said...

by the way...I saw Jessica Richmond and her two sweet little girls at Subway today. It was good to run into her. I told her I keep up with you and Sommer and your blogs.

Donna said...

Funny! We have the one that says "Wee Wee Man". I think RA has peed on me maybe 2 times. It happens more when they're newborns. Don't be scared. Just quickly replace the diaper when you change him.