Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter :)

This Easter was a lot different that any other Easter. This was the first Easter that we didn't spend in Lynchburg with my parents or have any family come into town. So, it was just the three of us! It was kind of nice, though. There is only one Sunday left for us as just a family of three.
Here in Richmond they have this great park called Maymont. They have a free petting zoo and Easter egg hunt for kids and contests and things like that for Easter. Over 12,000 people were there and we had to park FOREVER away. I was hoping all of that walking would put me in labor, but alas, I am STILL here!
Here is a picture of the chaos as we arrived:
Here is Alex with a lamb:
They had a hula hoop contest and believe it or not, Alex wasn't the oldest one there. She didn't win and was NOT happy about it!
I had to get Alex in her Easter dress:
We made this Easter Bunny cake together. It's so easy and so much fun! We got the recipe from the Betty Crocker website. Just go there and type in "Bunny cake" under the recipe section! We will definitely be making it again next year!

Well, I have OFF tomorrow! Yay!!! I'll be packing my hospital bag tomorrow and puting the final touches on the nursery! Almost here!!!!!


Donna said...

Cute cake! I love the first picture! Alex makes me laugh with her little pose.
I know you are getting excited about having your son. Packing the hospital bag always makes it seem so real!

Dolly said...

Just a few more days Toni! Looks like ya'll had a nice Easter together as a family of 3. That's nice that you and Alex made a cake together. It turned out really cute. Let the countdown begin!