Thursday, March 20, 2008

April 4th---maybe sooner??

So, I went to the doctor yesterday and had a very "invasive" appointment. Because of this, I had really painful contractions all day yesterday, to the point where I couldn't even eat my lunch! I know, that's hard to passing up food....but it happened! You KNOW I'm not feeling good if I'm passing on the opportunity to eat!
Anyways, I told the doctor just how MISERABLE I am right now and if there was ANY way she could fit my C-Section in earlier than April 4th. I am JUST THAT uncomfortable. She said she normally wouldn't do that, because she just tells the moms to prop up their feet and take naps throughout the day and take a nice hot shower. Unfortunately, I can't do this when I WORK full time! So, she said that if I am still miserable next Wednesday (which, I promise you, I will be--if not even more so than I am now), she will see if there are any early openings and fit me in!
Yay!!!!! So, fingers crossed :)
This week is my last full week of work, thank God! Next week we are closed on Monday and the following week, I have the baby :) It just can't get here fast enough!
We are all ready for the little guy!
If you know any tricks on how to go into labor, feel free to let me know! I already know about the ones dealing with sex, spicy foods, castor oil and walking.
So, please send prayers and baby dust my way!


Dolly said...

Toni, I'm going to remember the uncomfortableness that you're going through now so I'll know how to prepare myself for this. That would be awesome if you could go sooner. My sister in law made this special egg plant parmeson (sp?) and it helped her go right into labor. She said she would give me the recipe when the time came. Let me know if you want that recipe too.

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

WALK, WALK, WALK! I just walked a lot and soon enough they came! But also enjoy your last few days with Alex, it will never be the same!

Donna said...

DO you have one of those huge exercise balls? With Caroline I would sit on that thing each night as we watched TV and I would just bounce up and down on it. IT's supposed to be good for your lower back, too. I was a week early! And Sex is a good way, too. It worked for me, too!