Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay. I have to say something....

As I am sure you have all heard, some woman this past week gave birth to eight babies at once! Firstly, I can't even imagine what her body has gone through, but I wasn't reluctant to call her "Superwoman" at first, I'll tell you that! I know fertility drugs are probably a last case scenario for some women who have a hard time getting pregnant and I know it's fabulous when it works properly. Regardless, God blessed her family with 8 children and life is a beautiful thing.
I just found out that this "Superwoman" is only in her twenties! Wait. It gets crazier. She ALREADY has 6 kids!!!!! Wait. Yes--it gets crazier! Her husband is set to return to Iraq very soon! Wait. EVEN CRAZIER- She STILL lives at home with her mother in a two bedroom house!!!!
Why on earth would you go and try so hard to have more children when you know your husband isn't going to be there and you have no place (literally) to even put those babies??!!! She already has 6 kids!
Maybe she is thinking if she has her kids "Duggar-Style" she will get her own tv show or something? Too bad the Duggars are financially and mentally stable and have a house large enough for their children (WAY Prior to their TV show). They also allow God to guide them as far as how many children they have.
Ugh....sorry if I offend anyone, but this kind of stuff just makes me sick.

2 comments: said...

Oh my! I heard about this story, but I didn't know ALL that! Yikes! 14 kids. Maybe Extreme Home Makeover will step in. Did she give birth to all 8, or was it a c-section?

Denise said...

Hey Toni, I'm with you on this one. It is oddly interesting and it make one wonder why????

By the way, the picture of your baby at the top of your blog is GREAT! I love it! What a cutie!