Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay. Many of you know that I have been watching this season of the Bachelor. I don't know why...but I can't stop watching it!!!
There are just SO many things that I have to talk about (or shall I say vent)!
For one, why does Jillian ALWAYS wear ALL of her hair to ONE side??!!!
Also, who does Lauren think she is??!! Apparently she thought she was better than everyone else because last week Jason asked her opinion of who is talking trash in the house and now she thinks she is his #1 girl. WRONG! buh-bye, Lauren!
And Nikki- Is there ANYTHING she doesn't cry about?? Why is singing so traumatic to her? She was a beauty queen for goodness sake! She should be used to doing things in front of people! Sorry-you can't use the excuse that because you are a self proclaimed "perfectionist" for everything! Get on some anti-anxiety drugs, honey.
And last but not least....SHANNON!! I am going to miss her. Everyone loves the crazy girl!
Where do I begin??! She *finally* kissed Jason and thought it was real! What?! It was acting!!!
Also, in the scene where they are sitting on the sofa- WAY TOO MUCH lip gloss! She went to wipe her lips and pieces of the black napkin stuck to her lips! Then, after her little crying spell, she started picking her nose in front of Jason and didn't even try to hide it!!!
My favorite crazy moment of the night .................................
Shannon said she was going to go home and get the electric tooth brush and brush her dogs teeth and french kiss them!!!!!!! Those POOR, POOR DOGS! Someone call the PETA stat!!!


Angelarichardson@mac.com said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto! That whole kissing thing with Shannon and Jason was a TRAIN WRECK! You know the camera guys were just loving that moment. They even zoomed in on her overglossed lips a little...they were probably thinking.."oh, this is gonna be goooooood" She was great entertainment. I'll miss her for that.

And, now that you mention it, Jilian does always wear her hair to the side. Maybe she's hiding a scar or something???

Alright, you're not gonna like me for saying this, but I don't think Stephanie is right for him. She kind of "cougar-ish" with him. You know, like the older woman with the younger boy toy. I don't know. That's just the vibe I get from her. I think she's very graceful, sweet and genuine though, and I wish her the best!

My top picks are Molly (do you like her?), Melissa and Jilian.

I'm having a Bachelor season finale party at my house. I wish all you guys could come. Maybe we could set up skype or ichat or something that night!

Toni Rivera said...

Ooooh! I wish I could come, too! I know what you mean about Stephanie. I know she is not right for him, but I just really like her a lot. That is so funny you mention "cougar-ish"! I can totally envision what she would look like and wear if she went to the beach. Large hat, large sunglasses, leopard print bathing suit, leopard print coverall, matching sandals, red nail polish...etc.
I would hope that maybe she could be the next Bachelorette, though!
And Molly....I actually don't like her. I think she is kind of "tramp-ish". Isn't that horrible of me to say?! I don't even know the poor girl! Look at what this show is doing to me!
I just think the whole "spending the night in the tent and coming home with his clothes on" is just ridiculous considering they have known each other for only a few days! Not to mention the "moaning" coming from the tent! You know that a relationship that starts like THAT isn't going to last very long!
So, I guess that just leaves me with Melissa. Jillian is nice and all, but she seems more like a good friend than anything else.

Angelarichardson@mac.com said...

Okay, when you put it that way...Molly sleeping in the tent and the moaning....sheesh. When it comes to the overnight dates I always choose to think they're not
"doing" anything, but talking and getting to know each other. I guess that's how I excuse myself for watching such smut! ha! :)

I'm laughing at your description of Stephanie at the beach! Totally! She's just got that southern way about her...like, "come on over here to momma and let me take care of you baby".

Looks like they're in Seattle next episode! oooooo, I can't wait.

ps - Tell me you finally noticed Nikki's sideburns at the dance date!

Toni Rivera said...

Ha!Ha!Ha! I'm laughing at you quote of Stephanie! SO accurate! Like a younger version of Paula Deen!
I actually didn't notice the sideburns!! Shame on me! You would think that she would know better having been in all of those pageants and stuff!