Friday, January 16, 2009

Not so good times for my baby boy

Sorry I have been slacking in the "post" department lately. My poor little guy has had RSV pretty much since January 2nd :(
The first go 'round was terrible and this second time is even worse than the first. He is on a nebulizer, anitbiotics and steroids for his lungs. It just makes me SO sad. I just about cry every time I have to give him a breathing treatment.
Please pray for him, that the Lord will heal him and that he will not have asthma in the future.
Also, another sad thing that happened this week was I went to Alex's new middle school for a curriculum fair. MIDDLE SCHOOL! It just hit me as I was sitting their in the gym listening to the principal speak about how "awesome" middle school is and I just can't believe how big my little girl is. Middle school is just such a hard time for any kid. All's I got to say is this girl is NOT riding the school bus!
So, all in all, I am just super sad. I really hope next week is a much happier week for my family.

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