Friday, June 20, 2008

Two posts in one day? This is crazy!

I know. Two posts, one day. Do I NOT have anything better to do? Well, I had to post this before I forget. For those of you that went to LCA, you might remember Mrs. Zappulla, our 10th grade English Teacher. Well, she found me on and told me that she wrote a short story about me and it was actually published in a magazine! It's kind of long, but funny nonetheless and it totally took me back to the good ole high school days. It's funny how much of an impact one person can make on another person. I remember being such a hellion (sp?). I remember making Mrs. Lovett in Home Ec.cry everyday (although in my defense, it wasn't that hard to do). I also remembering torturing the Home Ec. teacher before her.."Meany Matheeny". I also remember recording over the Homework hotline for Mrs. Bryant's (the librarian) hotline and using my best old lady impersonation voice to record my own version of her. "This is Mrs. Bryant in the library. I think I just wet myself. Good thing I have on Depends- don't forget to turn in your books boys and girls"! I still can't believe I did that! Why did the Librarian get her own number for the homework hotline anyways? No one has "Library Homework!"
So, anyway, here is the story that Mrs. Zappulla wrote about me. Sorry it's small, but I wasn't about to type out the whole thing:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4


Tonya said...

Toni! Hilarious! I am cracking up at the Homework Hotline story! And Meany Matheny...oh she was a treat...remember her teaching us about an animal every day...with her overhead projector? "Ladies, this is a careful not to grow up and be one like me!" She hated me. But I wasn't the perfect student either. Love the story, it takes me back! Good times.

Donna said...

Toni! I can't believe that you did that to sweet Mrs. Bryant! She was kind of mean, but she liked me for some reason. How in the world did you get the access code to record her message?! Did she ever find out? Poor thing.

That story is hilarious. I loved Mrs. Zappulla's class. I got in trouble once for calling her Nancy. She called my mom!

Toni Rivera said...

I used to work in the high school office as one of my "credits", being the receptionist and that was how I got access to the codes!

Dolly said...

Toni, I'm just catching up with blogs and laughed so hard at your stories from highschool. I rememeber all of them like they were yesterday. You were always so funny! I was always scared of Mrs. Matheny and I remember her chewing me out for the things I ate when we had to keep a journal of the foods we ate. I guess my eating wasn't too healthy and she told me one day I would be sorry and it would catch up with me. OUCH!

That was a sweet short story Mrs. Z wrote about you. I loved her class! She was a great teacher and what a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. said...

Toni, this is absolutely hilarious! I can remember it like it was yesterday. Do you remember Ms. Mitchum? We gave her a hard time too, because her name was a deodorant!!! And, I do remember the time you put a tack in my chair and I actually sat on it!

I just saw Ms. Zapulla on facebook too! Paul and I really loved her. She still remembers my book reports. I did one on Coke! It was last minute.